One Piece manga proves that a certain villain is still alive

A One Piece he likes to play with fans, and most of them can see him coming from miles away. However, there are some twists that fans never expected to happen in the manga. From kills to victories, it seems the Straw Hat team has experienced it all.

The latest update of the manga created by Eiichiro Oda took fans by surprise with his last-minute resurgence. The whole thing sank into the Chapter 1008, where the series recorded the samurai when they were greeted by Oden, but they were able to see through the ruse.

Which villain returned in One Piece 1008?

Despite wanting to believe in the hero’s return, the gang found out that Kanjuro was behind the ordeal, and his unexpected return ended up being overshadowed by another. So if you guessed that Orochi was alive, Congratulations! You are the lucky winner.

Foto: One Piece – Capítulo 1008 (Shueisha)

It turns out that the ruler of Want is alive and well even though Kaido had apparently killed him. Orochi managed to survive the shocking blow of dozens of chapters ago. Now, he is on the warpath, and Orochi is determined to burn Onigaishima if it is the last thing he does.

“I will burn it. You will all die, here in the sky where there is nowhere to run. That was the last mistake you will make! I will kill each one of you !!” Orochi said in chapter 1008 of manga One Piece.

As you can see, Orochi is furious about Kaido’s turn, and is determined to punish his former loyalists who became the tail of the Yonko. Fans of the shonen series are waiting to find out how he survived his lethal injury, but his return is just one of several wild things that will happen in this chapter.

So if you thought that the Arco de Wano it was running out soon, well you better think again! One Piece is better than ever and The Truth News reminds you that you can read the manga from the MANGA Plus official site.

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