It’s back to the office time: This week on Apple TV +

This week has started with the confirmation of an Apple event and we are already very excited about what is going to be presented next Tuesday, but before we have a weekend to rest and relax. So, like every Friday, let’s see what news and releases are around Apple TV +.

Video game developers and empty cities

There are two premieres that can work very well on a Friday night. First we have to Mythic Quest special episode in which all the characters in the series return to the offices and meet again. It is the aperitif before the premiere of the second season on May 7.

Today the documentary is also premiered ‘The year Earth changed’, which shows us how animals invaded cities during the total confinement of the pandemic and nature took a breather when all of humanity stood still for a few weeks. Just because it is narrated by David Attenborough, it is already worth seeing in its original version.

There’s also a site for updates on future Apple TV + content:

  • According to Deadline, Justin Timberlake He will play television host Chuck Barris in a new multi-episode one-hour drama series. Barris was widely persecuted by the media at a time when he claimed to confess to being a hitman under the orders of the CIA.
  • Apple has officially announced a documentary about the life and achievements of Louis Armstrong, the well-known musician. It will be produced by Imagine Documentaries, by directors Ron Howard and Brian Grazer.
  • Another documentary announced by Apple is that of ‘Fathom’, a documentary in which we will see the efforts of two scientists to communicate with humpback whales.
  • The comedy ‘Acapulco‘continues its filming, with six more actors joining its cast of characters as reported in Deadline.
  • Finally, we have a release date for Stephen King’s ‘Lisey’s Story’ series: June 4. Remember that it will star Julianne Moore and that (like everything that comes from the hand of King) it will be a mystery series. You have more details in Vanity Fair.

One last detail: today you have available a new chapter of the ‘For All Mankind’ series, the penultimate of the second season. If you follow the series attentive, because it looks like we are going to have a vibrant ending.

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