It Is Not Beneficial For Katy Perry To Get Depressed During Pregnancy!!

Only a few days back, Katy Perry announces her pregnancy news with her new music video song “Never Worn White”. Katy Perry and her fiance Orlando Bloom are happily expecting their first child together. But her pregnancy is not the current news about the pregnant American singer. Fans and supporters are really worrying about Katy Perry’s depression. It is surely not beneficial for the 35-year-old singer as she is now expecting her first child.

Katy Perry’s Waves Of Depression

It seems more like the Coronavirus and pregnancy are what making Katy Perry worry a lot. She is now having to deal with not only the deadly threat of the Coronavirus pandemic but also the waves of Depression that comes with becoming a mother. You can have a look at Katy Perry’s tweet to be sure about her going through waves of depression.

The Roar singer informs on twitter, “Sometimes I don’t know what’s worse trying to avoid the virus or the waves of depression that come with this new mom.”

As soon as she reveals her depression, her tweet gets a strong flood of comments from friends, family members, and followers. Her post now contains well wishes for the upcoming baby along with the supportive comments to stay strong. Everyone is supporting and suggesting Katy Perry stay strong as she is surely going to battle through it.

One of her fans wrote supportively, “Just remember the little light of your life will be in your arms soon.

Katy Perry did share a clip of her ultrasound recently on Mother’s Day as she is going to become one. Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry are going to try their best to raise their first child with showering tons of love and care.

The Dark Horse Singer captions the post, “When your unborn daughter gives you a middle finger from the womb, you know you’re in for it, #happymothersdaytome.”

Let us hope that Katy Perry will soon be dealing with her depression as she has the support of her fiance, family, friends, and caring fans.

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