Iraq Offers Mediation in the crisis between Iran and US

Iraq sees its allies in both Iran and the US. Sensing an urgency in addressing the issues affecting the relations between the US and Iran and the subsequent tensions that have been escalating in the middle eastern region, Iraq does not want the tensions between the two of its key allies.

The Iraqi Foreign Minister, Mohammed al-Hakim was the one to make this offer to the US administration. This offer was made on Sunday and was made in the presence of Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif. Mr. Mahammed Al-Hakim made the offer during a press conference held jointly in Baghdad.
While making the offer, Mr. Hakim did not mince words to indicate that Iraq is against the unilateral initiatives taken by the US administration. He said, “We are trying to help and to be mediators, …will work to reach a satisfactory solution”.

It should be noted that political tensions have considerably grown over the last couple of weeks. The US has already been preparing for the war in a way. It has deployed aircraft and bombers across the Persian Gulf. It is also likely to increase the number of troops in the middle east as well.

There are several political experts who do not understand the reasons for the escalating tensions between the two nations. It all started with the decision of Trump to withdraw itself from the deal between Iran and other world powers. The imposition of sanctions against Iran has been escalating the tensions further.

There is no hope of the improvements given the escalation levels, but the helping hand coming from the US has given rise to a ray of hope.

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