iOS 14 reaches 90% market share, according to Mixpanel estimates

iOS 14 just reached one of its main goals: work on nine out of ten compatible devices. That is what Mixpanel has estimated with its metrics, after calculating a 4% rise in market share compared to February.

iOS 13 has a 5.06% market share, while the remaining 4.49% is held by previous versions of iOS installed on devices considered old. The remaining 90.46% share is for iOS 14, achieved in just seven months of life.

Apple beats fragmentation for another year

This makes Apple uncork the champagne, because their idea is always to offer the developer community a market of users who are always updated to the most recent version of their operating systems. This is how the company encourages those developers to always use the latest features of those systems and abandon those that remain old.

iOS 15 will not be compatible with the iPhone 6s or the original iPhone SE, according to a second report

Now the next step is iOS 14.5, which according to Tim Cook will appear “in a few weeks” and will introduce new functions that may be accompanied by new products this month. Later, at the WWDC21 event on June 7, we will see the official presentation of iOS 15 whose beta phase will begin that same week and will last all summer.

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