Invisible City Season 3: Did The Show Get Renewed Or Not?

Season 3 of Invisible City may still remain a mystery to Brazilian fans. The author and creator is Carlos Saldanha. In addition, the directors are Jlia Pacheco Jordo and Luis Carone. The second season features five episodes, each running between 35 and 55 minutes in length.

The popularity of Invisible City on Netflix skyrocketed after its debut. It shows the surprising intersection of modern city life with Brazilian mythology. Information on Season 3 of Invisible City has finally been compiled.

Invisible City Season 3 Renewal Status

There is no word yet on whether or not Invisible City will return for a third season. Considering the show’s subject matter, though, things might shift if it proves successful on Netflix. However, this is called into doubt by the lackluster reception the second season’s release received and the fact that it contains only five brief chapters.

Before deciding whether or not to renew a show, Netflix considers a number of factors, including the show’s initial viewership and its subsequent decline in viewership. However, as the shocking cancellation of 1899 has shown, the completion rate represents one of the most essential measures. You may make the case that the short length attracts more viewers.

However, Netflix’s judgment on the future of a certain series can take several months. Both critics and viewers have had varied reactions to Invisible City thus far, with the second season being generally considered a step down from the first. We predict that, due to the format of the show, it is unlikely to be given a third season. By the time the rushed ending arrives, most of the major plot threads have been resolved and the story feels complete.

Invisible City Season 3 Release Date

After the debut of the first season on February 5, 2021, Netflix finally granted Invisible City the go-ahead on March 2, 2021. If only other shows could learn from this one! We anticipate production to have commenced by now, considering the series’ renewal was announced about nine months ago. Netflix has ordered a third season of “Invisible City.” After premiering on Netflix on February 5, 2021, Season 2 was renewed on March 2, 2021, and it premiered on March 22, 2023.

The future of the third season of Invisible City is unclear at this time. However, given the show’s originality and appeal, it’s not out of the question that Netflix would give the show the go-ahead. Most of the important narrative elements were resolved, though a little hastily, by the end of the second season, which was only five episodes long and didn’t receive as much attention as was hoped.

Invisible City Storyline

Upon discovering a dead freshwater pink dolphin on a Rio de Janeiro beach, Environmental Police detective Eric (Marco Pigossi) becomes embroiled in a murder case and uncovers a realm inhabited by legendary entities typically unseen by humans.[6] He discovers a group of beings with magical powers as he investigates inexplicable deaths that resemble those of his own wife, Gabriela (Julia Konrad). He discovers that the river dolphin spirit Manaus (Victor Sparapane), whose body he discovered at the beginning of the story, was actually his father and that he, too, is a hybrid being.

Eric and his newfound allies find out that Luna (Manu Dieguez), the daughter of an anti-environmentalist villain named Dry Body, has been possessed by the ghost of the latter. Since Dry Body feels responsible for Gabriela’s death, it has taken it out on forest beings as an act of vengeance. Dry Body moves from Luna to Eric in search of a more powerful host in order to continue his murderous rampage. Eric, however, decides to end the threat of the evil spirit once and for all by sacrificing his own life by killing Dry Body. Eric is implied to have been reincarnated as a full entity in the closing scene when he is suddenly revived and carried into the forest by the other beings.

Invisible City Cast and characters

  • Marco Pigossi as Eric: An environmental detective who discovers the dead body of a pink dolphin and gets involved in finding that there is a connection to the murder of his wife.
  • Alessandra Negrini as Inês / Cuca: The leader of the entities
  • Fábio Lago as Iberê / Curupira: A homeless person who is actually an entity that guards and protects Brazilian forests
  • Jessica Córes as Camila / Iara: An entity in the form of a beautiful mermaid who, with her singing voice, lures men to the waters to drown them.
  • Jimmy London as Tutu / Tapire-iauara: An entity working for Inês who is capable of becoming a peccary or tapir.
  • Wesley Guimarães as Isac / Saci: A one-legged mischievous entity who disappears and reappears at will.
  • Áurea Maranhão as Márcia: Eric’s investigative partner in the Environmental Police.
  • Julia Konrad as Gabriela: Eric’s wife and Luna’s mother, whose death triggers the series’ events.
  • Thaia Perez as Januária: Eric’s grandmother and Luna’s great-grandmother.
  • Manu Dieguez as Luna: Eric and Gabriela’s young daughter.
  • José Dumont as Ciço: A mysterious man living in the Cedar Forest who is aware of the existence of entities.
  • Victor Sparapane as Manaus / Pink Dolphin: A seductive and captivating entity capable of transforming into a pink dolphin.
  • Tainá Medina as Fabiana: João’s pregnant ex-fiancée.
  • Samuel de Assis as João: Fabiana’s controlling ex-fiancé, who also happens to be Ciço’s son.
  • Rafael Sieg as Ivo: The head of the Environmental Police.
  • Rubens Caribé as Afonso: The owner of a construction company that owns the Cedar Forest property, who is also the grandson of Antunes.
  • Eduardo Chagas as Antunes / Dry Body: Afonso’s grandfather and former owner of the Cedar Forest who, after being killed by Curupira
  • Kauã Rodriguez as Baqueta: A street orphan who befriends Isac.

Invisible City Season 2 Recap

In Season 2 of Invisible City, Luna continues her search for her father, Eric, who became an entity at the end of Season 1. Inês, the queen of a race of enchanted beings, helps her out. They set off together into the mysterious Forest, hoping to find Eric. But they can’t seem to track down Eric anywhere, and Luna’s desperation only grows. She makes the fateful decision to call upon a ghost to aid her in her mission, but she ignores the potentially catastrophic outcomes of her decision. As a result, Luna alters the course of the entire series.

In the meantime, a new plot develops as a band of adventurers seeks to uncover the whereabouts of Marangatu’s Gold. This pursuit of gold functions as a side plot in the TV series, and the protagonists quickly learn that they must eventually face the consequences of their actions.

Invisible City Season 3 Plot

There has been no official word yet on whether or not there will be a Season 3. Furthermore, there are currently no concrete signs that Invisible City will be revived for a third season. Invisible City has been praised by users and critics alike on the platform ever since its introduction.

In addition, the conclusion of Season 2 is a potential factor in the show’s renewal for Season 3. Some concerns concerning the mythical creatures and Eric’s sacrifice remained after the conclusion of Invisible City. Therefore, this unfinished business can be finished in the future project.

Where to watch Invisible City?

On March 22, 2023, the second season of Invisible City will premiere on Netflix, allowing viewers to once again become immersed in the show’s enigmatic and enchanting universe. This season will have you on the edge of your seat with more surprises than ever before.

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