Inventing Anna Season 2: Happening Or Not?

Inventing Anna Season 2

Inventing Anna Season 2: Happening Or Not?

Fans of Julia Garner are delighted to start binge-watching one of the wildest true-life instances of deception and fraud in recent years, which has arrived on Netflix.

Inventing Anna tells the narrative of Anna Delvey, a fictitious German heiress living a high life in New York City.

Inventing Anna Season 2 Release Date

With Anna Chlumsky of Veep, Arian Moayed of Succession, and Laverne Cox of Orange Is the New Black in significant roles, Ozark’s very own leads the cast with a terribly funny accent.

For the uninitiated, the term “Summer of Scam” was coined to describe the con sagas that dominated the summer of 2018, especially the incidents of Anna Delvy, the German heiress.

The latest Netflix original, Inventing Anna, premiered on February 11 and is one of the year’s most anticipated releases. It tells the storey of con artist Anna Delvey (real name Anna Sorokin).

Shonda Rhimes’ drama is based on a New York magazine piece scripted by Jessica Pressler, and Anna is played by Ozark’s two-time Emmy winner Julia Garner.

Inventing Anna revolves around an actual incident of Anna Sorokin, who used the alias Anna Delvey to hide her scams.

By impersonating a wealthy German heiress, she was able to defraud businesses and acquaintances of enormous quantities of money.

Anna made a lot of money from her victims as a result of her deception. The story is portrayed through the eyes of Vivian Kent (Anna Chlumsky), a journalist who examined Anna’s actauthoritiesitiess.

The Shondaland crew, as well as Netflix’s authorities, appear to have no plans to carry Inventing Anna ahead. Netflix is said to have paid the real-life Sorokin $320,000 to adapt her life narrative, and because the show is classed as a limited series, there will likely be no second season.

However, Sorokin/life Delvey’s is still going on, so there’s a possibility for another plotline if her long con continues.

There’s precedent for limited shows to have more seasons. Big Little Lies, for example, had only one season planned.

Inventing Anna Season 2 Cast

However, it appears like Rhimes, and her crew wants the first chapter of Inventing Anna to stand alone for the time being.

If season 2 does happen, we might get to see the familiar cast.

  • Anna Chlumsky plays Vivian
  • Julia Garner plays Anna Delvey
  • Terry Kinney plays Barry
  • Laverne Cox plays Kacy Duke
  • Rebecca Henderson plays ADA Catherine McCaw
  • Anders Holm plays Jack
  • Anna Deavere Smith plays Maud
  • Jeff Perry plays Lou
  • Caitlin FitzGerald plays Mags
  • James Cusati-Moyer plays Val
  • Saamer Usmani plays Chase Sikorski
  • Kate Burton plays Nora
  • Tim Guinee plays Paul
  • Armand Schultz plays Landon Bloom
  • Arian Moayed plays Todd
  • Katie Lowes plays Rachel
  • Alexis Floyd plays Neff
  • Marika Dominczyk plays Talia Mallay

Final Thoughts

Inventing Anna is not only a limited series, but it is also a limited series revolving around an actual narrative. And if you’re familiar with Anna Delvey’s, alias Anna Sorokin’s, narrative, you’re aware that it’s already been told.

There is a potential, however remote, that Netflix will release additional episodes. If a series is prominent enough, Netflix will usually find a way to provide more of it to fans.


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