'Indiana Jones 5' begins filming this next April 2020

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It's no secret that Harrison Ford's favorite character of how many he has played is Indiana Jones, far above Han Solo, whom he always wanted to kill from 'The Empire Strikes Back'. Indiana Jones created a whole generation of archaeologists. In fact, it made Archeology sexy, and every time we watch a movie related to treasure-seekers, we inevitably compare it with Indy.

Yes, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas were thinking minds. But Harrison Ford gave him the necessary touch, the charisma, the 'channeling', and is a character that has gone down in the history of cinema. Although the fourth installment, 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull', did not have the same reception as its predecessors, little by little it is recognized as a great adventure film and worthy continuation. We thought the saga would end there but no, 'Indiana Jones 5' is underway, and will arrive much sooner than you think. Harrison Ford has just confirmed that filming will begin this April 2020.

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"We're going to start shooting Indiana Jones in two months, and I'm always happy to return to these characters. If we have the opportunity to make this movie, it's because people like it, people enjoy it. I feel compelled to get it our efforts are just as ambitious as when we started. You have a feeling of responsibility with your customers. I call them customers, not fans. "

So, after many delays, it seems that 'Indiana Jones 5' will keep its release date for 2021 and we can see Indy once again living adventures.

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