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On the occasion of the celebration of the Holy WeekWe have decided to advance one day our article on the best cinema that can be seen free of charge on Spanish national television. Therefore, there may be some absence on Sunday as the programming of all the channels is not announced, but we have believed that you could use a vision that reaches more days in this selection of 13 movies.

I remind you that it is about a personal selection in which, obviously, I do not include those films that I have not seen, but also those of which I no longer remember practically anything or that have already appeared in a similar article in the previous three months. That they work the programming more instead of always replacing the same.

Thursday April 1

‘The room’

The room

It was the best film among the Oscar hopefuls of its year and finally had to “settle” with a well-deserved award for Brie Larson. A very powerful drama with a great emotional element.

22:00 in Telecinco

Criticism in Espinof

‘The Bourne myth’

Mito Bourne

The arrival of director Paul Greengrass brought renewed energy to the franchise, especially for the unmistakable visual touch he gave to it. A good blockbuster.

22:50 at Four

Criticism in Espinof

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It’s probably my least favorite Stanley Kubrick movie, but that doesn’t detract one iota of interest from this influential peplum in the service of a dedicated Kirk Douglas.

23:10 at 1

Criticism in Espinof

‘The great Spanish family’

The Great Spanish Family

One of the most inspired films by Daniel Sánchez-Arévalo, in which he has a first-rate cast to tell us a story that seems comical but with more bad temper than it might seem at first glance.

0:40 on Antena 3

Criticism in Espinof

Friday April 2

‘Conan the barbarian’


One of the most iconic films of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s filmography. An intense and violent adventure that hides a greater depth at the level of ideas than usual in this type of stories.

15:40 at Neox



One of the essentials of these dates. Personally, I think it slows down a bit in the final stretch and may be a little too long, but it is still an impressive show crowned by the good work of Charlton Heston.

16:00 at 1

Criticism in Espinof

‘The LEGO Movie’


I think practically no one trusted that this movie was going to be that good. Full of ingenuity, it is a fun adventure that can make all the members of a family have a great time.

21:21 and Boing

Criticism in Espinof

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‘The bridge of spies’

Espias Bridge

A new display of the talent of Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks. A great thriller that also knows when to be funny in which the excellent interpretation of Mark Rylance stands out. It is true that it is not exceptional, but I hope films of this level every year.

22:00 at Four

Criticism in Espinof

Saturday April 3

‘Final destination 2’


The best installment of the franchise, since it is true that it loses the surprise factor, but in return it knows how to continue exploring a fascinating concept, also proposing some very stimulating death scenes.

19:00 at Neox

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A remarkable revision of the biblical account that knows how to oscillate between the reflective and the spectacular to hook the viewer. It also has one of the best performances of Russell Crowe from the most recent stage of his career.

19:33 in Paramount

Criticism in Espinof


An excellent Martin Scorsese film in which he re-explores the world of religious faith. It is true that on a formal level it may not be as flashy as other of his works, but it is a film that is very worthwhile.

0:50 at 1

Criticism in Espinof

Sunday April 4

‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’


A great popcorn show that may be a step behind the previous installment, but Abrams was very inspired in both cases revitalizing this incredible universe before jumping into a galaxy far far away. Watch out for the great villain of Benedict Cumberbatch.

17:25 at Four

‘The Faculty’


A rereading in an adolescent key of ‘La Cosa’ and ‘The invasion of the body thieves’ with which Robert Rodriguez signed one of his best films. A terrifying pastime of the most entertaining in which perhaps there is not much tension, but a very grateful black humor.

0:00 in Paramount

Criticism in Espinof

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