If You Wish Upon Me Season 1 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

If You Wish Upon Me Season 1 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Then you are among the thousands of individuals who are awaiting the same thing. If You Wish Upon Me is an excellent Korean drama series.

Everyone is merely awaiting its release so that we can binge-watch it. Well, LatestSeries was here to provide answers to all of your queries.

This program originated in South Korea. If You Wish Upon Me was being composed in Korean at its inception. The premiere of the show’s first season is scheduled for August 10, 2022.

The production takes place on location in South Korea. It is produced by KBS2. The program is a reimagining of Dangshini Sowoneul Malhamyeon as a romantic comedy.

It has sixteen episodes scheduled for Season 1 of If You Wish Upon Me. We are confident that they will be remarkable. The trailer has just been released, and you can discover it by looking for it.

The fact that you happen to be here, however, indicates that you have seen the vehicle’s trailer which has prompted you to question whether the first season of the show will be produced.

If You Wish Upon Me has the most recent midweek K-drama to combine drama, romance, and unexpected twists. The plot revolves around a man named Yoon Gyeo-Eye.

His life has been difficult, as he has spent significant time in an orphanage, a juvenile detention facility, and a penitentiary.

After a significant event in his life, Gyeo-Rye begins volunteering at a hospice as he struggles to live a normal existence.

The premiere is scheduled for August 10 on the local Korean broadcast network KBS. It will assume the position previously held by Jinxed At First.

On the official KBS social media channel, stills from the first episode and a trailer for the show have been released in anticipation of the premiere.

The premiere time for the first episode is 9:50 p.m. KST, and the program is available on Viu for streaming. The program is based around the Ambulance Wish Foundation, a Dutch-born organization.

The young man is also an ex-offender who has spent several years in prison and whose life is perpetually difficult.

He winds up employed by a hospital and becomes involved with “Team Genie,” a group that granted the dying patients’ final desires.

If You Wish Upon Me Season 1 Release Date

As previously stated, the release date will be August 10, 2022. The program will be released gradually.

We believe that two episodes per week would be an appropriate release rate for this program. However, it is already evident that this performance will shatter numerous benchmarks.

This show has a star-studded cast, a convoluted and self-indulgent plot, and its creators have previously produced a wonderful show.

The program will continue until the conclusion is released. People are going insane as a result of all the anticipation, and it is entirely understandable.

Soon, we will be able to watch Season 1 of If You Wish Upon Me. It is a very large program that will run for a very long time, however it is similar to a mini-TV series. Extremely unlikely, the program will return for a second season.

If You Wish Upon Me Season 1 Cast

  • Ji Chang-Wook as Yoon Gyeo-Rye
  • Sung Dong-Il as Kang Tae-Sik
  • Sooyoung as Seo Yeon-Joo
  • Won Ji-An as Ha Joon-Kyung
  • Yang Hee-Kyeong as Yeom Soon-Ja
  • Gil Hae-Yeon as Choi Deok-Ja
  • Yoo Soon-Woong as Hwang Cha-Yong
  • Jeon Chae-Eun as Yoo Seo-Jin

If You Wish Upon Me Season 1 Trailer

If You Wish Upon Me Season 1 Plot

Thus, the storyline of the program is very straightforward. There is little to conceal or reveal here. The program is based on very basic metrics. The program focuses on a male. It is Yoon Gyeo-Rye’s name. The existence of Yoon Gyeo-Rye has been difficult.

He served time in an orphanage, a juvenile correctional facility, and a penitentiary. He has difficulty leading a typical existence.

As a result of an event, he begins volunteering at a hospice. There, he collaborates with Kang Tae-Sik, the volunteer team supervisor, and Seo Yeon-Joo, the nurse. We cannot wait to view this program.

If You Wish Upon Me is a new humanism-themed Korean television series whose plot is inspired by the true stories for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Fans’ normal behavior is to maintain expectations for the forthcoming season, and their curiosity and anticipation will always remain high.

Yoon Kyeo Re is a young man who has only known despair since he was a child. In the halfway house when he had been reared, he was mistreated as a child and formed some scathing recollections.

He subsequently spent energy in a juvenile detention facility. In addition, as an adult, circumstances improved, causing him to serve time in prison.

The only things he has ever known are beatings and hopelessness, and he is ultimately driven beyond his limits and forced to confront the abyss.

When a court orders him to serve this local area administration during an end-of-life care office for people with a critical condition, however, his circumstances begin to change.

Here, he encounters the energetic Kang Tae Shik, a middle-aged man who motivates the office worker group.

Kang Tae Shik has set up Team Genie, an organization dedicated to granting patients’ dying wishes.

Team Genie is going tirelessly to make individuals’ final desires a reality, regardless of their requests.

He likewise encounters Seo Yeon Joo, a juvenile medical caregiver who will not give up her and her patients and endeavors to keep them legitimately dynamic consistently.

He donates his time to a hospice. There, he collaborates with the volunteer team supervisor Kang Tae Sik and the registered nurse Seo Yeon Joo.

Yoon Gyeo Ree arrives to an end-of-life care facility to perform community service and experience life in an entirely new manner in If You Wish Upon Me.

According to the Rakuten Viki summary, Yoon Gyeo Ree’s upbringing was filled with nothing but misery.

From being abused to being sent to a juvenile detention center after a failed confrontation, he has never known hope.

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