I Love That For You Season 2 Release Date: Is It Renewed Or Not?

Showtime’s vehicle for Vanessa Bayer follows her character as she overcomes childhood illness and becomes a popular personality on a home shopping network. The comedy series, which was inspired by Bayer’s life, launched on Showtime in April 2022, can be seen on Paramount Plus in the UK, and features a slew of well-known comedians, including several Saturday Night Live alums. However, when will we be able to watch the second half of I Love That For You? Is there going to be a second season? We have the lowdown on what is known at this time.

I Love That For You Season 2 Renewal Status

The I Love That for You TV show has been canceled after its initial season. According to Deadline, the show has been canceled and there are no plans for a second season. Season one of the show debuted in May of last year, and by June of 2022, all eight episodes had been aired. Since then, it had been on the verge of collapse, with its future in doubt for a whole year. The story does mention, though, that the show’s producers intend to shop the drama elsewhere with the help of Showtime, so all is not lost.

I Love That For You Season 2 Release Date

The premiere date for the first season of the show is set for April 29, 2022. Season 1 is almost here, and everyone is praying that the show’s premise holds up. The producers and the network are anticipating success for the series after the trailer received positive feedback.

If we’re going to talk about Season 2, then here’s what every viewer has to know. The producers and the network have not renewed the show for a new season as of yet. They haven’t said anything definitive about whether or not season 2 will be ordered. The success of the show’s trailer doesn’t bode well for the likelihood of a second season renewal, which is based on viewership and critical reception of the first. Fans will have to hold out for an official announcement, but in the meanwhile, they can catch up on Season 1 on Netflix.

I Love That For You Storyline

Based on real events, the show follows Joanna Gold, a shy teenager from the Midwest who is stricken with leukemia. Her life was a roller coaster of ups and downs and falls in the disasters of so many emotions, and the only thing that kept her smiling was Special Value Network, a home shopping network similar to QVC. Her parents had always taken care of her, so she had never had any serious relationships by the time she was twenty-one, and her entire professional life had focused on her father’s Costco store. However, everything changed when she nailed the audition for SVN and was offered the role. Tacky gifts and friendly hosts like Jackie Stilton and others gave her hope for a glamorous new life.

The show follows Vanessa Bayer as Joanna Gold through her highs and lows, likes and dislikes, emotions, and sentiments. Working with Jackie, whom she has admired since she was a child, came at a perfect time in her life. Fun and heartfelt memories from Vanessa’s youth will surely emerge during the course of the presentation.

I Love That For You Cast

  • Vanessa Bayer as Joanna Gold
  • Molly Shannon as Jackie Stilton
  • Paul James as Jordan Wahl
  • Ayden Mayeri as Beth Ann McGann
  • Matt Rogers as Darcy Leeds
  • Punam Patel as Beena Patel
  • Jenifer Lewis as Patricia Cochran, CEO of SVN
  • Matt Malloy as Chip Gold
  • Michelle Noh as Suzanne Dunaysh
  • Bess Armstrong as Marcy Gold
  • Jason Schwartzman as Ethan
  • Johnno Wilson as Perry

I Love That For You Season 2 Plot

Due to the lack of a greenlight, season 2 of I Love That For You has no confirmed storyline. Joanna’s new position at HSN and the consequences of her lies would have been the focus of season 2.

The first season finished with welcome succinctness; cornered, Joanna finally comes clean about the lies she’s been telling her friends and coworkers. A job opportunity provides her with another way out. The consequences of her falsehoods being uncovered and the harm they caused to her relationships may have been explored in Season 2.

I Love That For You Season 2 Trailer

The first season’s official trailer features Vanessa Bayer in a new look. Her charisma and charm come over in everything she does. The exhibition exudes an air of elegance and simplicity in its execution. Until a second season is announced, viewers can rewatch the first season’s trailer.

I Love That For You Season 1 Review

In I Love That For You, Vanessa Bayer plays Joanna Gold, a cancer survivor who lands a hosting gig at the made-up home shopping network SVN. Her methods of securing the position were dishonest, unfortunately. She botches the audition and the interview, then tries to play for sympathy by revealing that the illness she had as a child has resurfaced. It hasn’t—she’s telling an explicit falsehood (although a questionable one), but the disguise succeeds, and she gets the chance of a lifetime.

Despite the harshness of the fundamental deception, Joanna is a charming, empathetic, and easy-to-root-forway character. Joanna is much nicer than her coworkers, especially Beth Ann (Ayden Mayeri) and Darcy Leeds (Matt Rogers), who are like the bitchy coworkers you probably have. Even when her ruse is discovered in the later episodes of this first season, we still want her to win and keep her job.

The events of I Love That For You are inspired by those in the life of Vanessa Bayer. She was a kid leukemia survivor and a devoted QVC fan. Joanna, who doesn’t want to be defined by her illness but who falls into the trap of utilizing it for her own needs anyway, and the shopping channel, which has the look and feel of QVC, Ideal Home, and numerous other channels viewers regularly tune into, feel genuine thanks to her experiences.

Now is the moment to start watching if you’ve fallen behind on this show. It’s a welcome relief from the abundance of TV shows (especially reality shopping shows) that fail to motivate viewers or provoke them to reflect on the complexities of their own lives and motivations, and it manages to be funny despite its strange premise.

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