Hunter x Hunter tattoo goes viral for attention to detail

The anime and the manga of Hunter x Hunter may still be on hiatus, it is clear that although the franchise created by Yoshihiro Togashi It might not be back anytime soon, but the fanbase is as passionate as ever when it comes to the adventures of Gon and his fellow hunters.

Even if Gon Y Killua They couldn’t be more different in terms of their backgrounds and personalities, the friendship they were able to forge in the shonen series has become a favorite part for fans who have been following the series for years.

And Now, Instagram user Felipe Kross shared a detailed tattoo from Hunter x Hunter, with Gon and Killua highlighting the differences between the two protagonists. After all, both characters are very different in design, personality, and power type. The Truth News share the art below:

This is what the viral Hunter x Hunter tattoo looks like

(Photo: Felipe Kross on Instagram) Gon and Killua from Hunter x Hunter

The friendship between the two young hunters began during the Hunter License Exam, which saw warriors from all over the world trying to obtain the coveted license that grants them benefits and privileges that no one on earth can have.

As mentioned above, the differences between the two young heroes are stark, as Gon was raised peacefully in a fishing village and Killua was raised by a family that has become some of the show’s most deadly assassins in the world. have been seen.

While their personalities certainly tend to clash, it’s clear that the two have quickly become friends despite their conflicting backgrounds. While the anime adaptation of the series might have ended in 2014, the manga has continued the story of young hunters.

Will Hunter x Hunter continue their anime?

Unfortunately he has not released a new manga volume since 2019, leaving many fans wondering if they will ever see the series continue. With no news on the return of the anime franchise, the series recently made headlines for its Escape Room Game, which paid a moving tribute to the fallecido actor de Leorio, Keiji Fujiwara.

What kind of anime is Hunter x Hunter?

Hunter x Hunter is an anime of the shonen genre. This includes a lot of action, adventure and a touch of fantasy through the world of Yoshihiro Togashi. Likewise, fans can enjoy two anime adaptations. The one from 2001 by Nippon Animation had 62 episodes, while the 2011 one had 148 episodes produced by Madhouse.

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