Hunter x Hunter: New animation project in progress

Hunter x Hunter: New animation project in progress.

Amid their despair at the Hunter x Hunter manga-based franchise’s absence, fans are already over-reacting to anything posted on networks, even counting the days without a new chapter.

However, it seems that this time they could be right, as the tracks that have been spinning seem to lead to the production of a new project.

Voice actress Megumi Han, who plays the lead Gon Freecss, posted on Twitter with the following message: “It’s Friday. I met my partner. She also posted. Fufufu. Yes, we were recording for that project. I think you will soon know about it. I return to my origin.” It should be noted that Gon Freecss was Megumi Han’s first lead in the industry.

But things did not stay that way, as if that weren’t enough, voice actress Mariya Ise, who plays Killua Zoldyck in the franchise, also shared the post with the message “Fufufu, fufufu,” a malicious laugh.

Additionally, Ise had made a previous post with a pixelated photograph and the following message: “I was filming today, fufufu. I was delighted to meet my partner on the way home! I want to tell you about it very soon, but I can’t do it yet. So I have censored the photograph! (What will it be? What will it be?).”

The play inspired the first 62-episode anime adaptation produced by Nippon Animation Studios under Kazuhiro Furuhashi and scripts written by Nobuaki Kishima, released in October 1999.

Subsequently, a second 148-episode anime adaptation was created by the studios. Madhouse, directed by Hiroshi Koujina and scripts were written by Atsushi Maekawa and Tsutomu Kamishiro, premiered in October 2011.

Hunter x Hunter Synopsis:

Gon Freecss is a twelve-year-old boy who discovers that his father is not dead and wants to find him at all costs. To find the whereabouts of his father, Gon decides to become a hunter just like him.

As the story progresses, Gon befriends three other would-be hunters: Leorio, Kurapika, and Killua. They will accompany our protagonist in a series of challenges to test skills, survival, and teamwork. Stay tuned for the next update.

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