Hunter x Hunter: Gon and Killua ready to go wild in a magnificent tattoo

The lack of a chapter of Hunter x Hunter for more than 800 days it represents a negative record in the world of manga, and despite this long Togashi hiatus, the great work continues to be deeply appreciated and followed by many people, such as the fan who has decided to pay homage to Gon and Killua with an incredible tattoo.

In the course of their adventure Gon e Killua, although they come from two totally different realities, they have formed a deep friendship thanks to which they have also managed to overcome threats to say the least deadly, and to establish themselves more and more in the dangerous world of the Hunter.

Starting from the teachings of Wing and the climbing the floors of the Celestial Arena, up to the most recent developments, and passing through the intense battles of the story arc of the Antichimere, Gon and Killua are become phenomenal fighters, improving more and more the mastery of their Nen and their peculiar techniques. To pay homage to the two young protagonists, an enthusiast decided to tattoo the spectacular drawing on his arm that you can see in the post shown at the bottom, shared on social networks by the artist @fetatooer. What do you think of this tribute to Gon and Killua? Please let us know as usual in the comments section.

Recall that Gon and Hisoka faced off in a live-action video, and we leave you to the new project dedicated to the Hunter x Hunter franchise.

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