Hunter x Hunter: Chrollo Lucifer shows up in this awesome cosplay

Hunter x Hunter it's been on hiatus for over a year, and while Yoshihiro Togashi has a hard time communicating when we can read a new chapter, it's up to the fans to keep the focus on this work. In fact, a fan of the series wanted to pay homage to the character of Chrollo Lucifer, dressing him in an incredible cosplay.

Founder and leader of the Phantom BrigadeChrollo immediately proved to be a mysterious figure, with a dark and probably tormented past, like almost all members of the gang, which also includes the best known Hisoka. Over the years fans have always shown interest in this character, especially after theincredible clash with the mercenaries Zeno and Silva Zoldickrespectively Killua's grandfather and father.

On that occasion, in fact, his immense fighting ability emerged, capable of putting the two opponents in difficulty, and later Zeno himself said that, in a direct clash between them, if Chrollo had fought at his full potential, probably he would have been defeated. This makes us understand how Chrollo's character still has a lot to show, and gives us hope for interesting future developments.

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It was the user @Ank_CosArt who shared the images of the fantastic and faithful cosplay on Instagram that you can find in the post at the bottom of the page. In the past we had seen other fans dedicate fantastic cosplay to Chrollo, and undoubtedly this is among the best made. We also recall that Chrollo also obtained a Nendoroid, showing himself in chibi form close to Kurapika and the other main characters of the series.


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