How to Treat Lower Back Pain?

How to Treat Lower Back Pain

In this modern world, life is becoming more complicated every day. People are so busy in their routine work that they forget how to relax and balance between professional and personal activities of a person. Many lower back pain cases have been seen recently around the world.

Lower back muscle strain is one of the most common issues which can be easily avoided if some precautions are taken before starting an activity or exercise session. This article will discuss the best exercises for lower back pain treatment and its home remedies that will help you get rid of this problem quickly.

Coccyx Bone:

Lower back pain is widespread due to sitting on the floor, long driving sessions, and lack of exercise and healthy food. This pain starts from the tailbone and upper quadrant of lower back muscles as it supports all your body weight when you sit, stand, or walk. This article will see some exercises that can help you treat this type of pain quickly.

Some expert doctors suggest that if a person follows proper instructions, they may have surgery for a few years to come by doing these exercises frequently. Let’s take a look at that exercise that help treat lower back pain:-

1) Child pose:

The child pose is one of the most effective yoga poses for curing lower back muscle strain due to sitting on the floor frequently without changing posture for long hours. It stretches the hamstring, glutes, and spine.

How to do:- Sit on the floor with your legs straight. Bend forward while breathing in and touch your forehead or chest on the curved knees. Hold that position for 15-20 seconds while breathing normally. Relax your body after completing this exercise for at least 1 minute while sitting on the floor.

Repeat three times every day while taking a break between sessions if you pose for lower back pain treatment regularly. This will remove all the stress from muscles near the tailbone area, which supports your whole body weight when sitting, standing, or walking around for hours later.

2) Cycling:

If appropriately done, cycling is one of the best exercises to cure low back pain, providing relief from long sitting sessions caused by driving or office work.

3) Lunges:

One of the best exercises for lower back pain treatment that can give you immense relief is lunges. Lunges are easy to perform due to their simple technique, similar to squats, but it stretches more muscles on the leg area and hamstrings, glutes, and lower back.

How to do:

Stand straight with your hands on your hips while facing forward. Now move your right leg forward so that the front leg should support at least 70% of the weight while the left side should invest 30% of body weight. Keep your right knee below your ankle joint while lowering yourself towards ground level while breathing in slowly till you touch the floor comfortably without much stretch or effort in the hamstring muscle.

Hold that position for 10-15 seconds while breathing normally. Relax your body after completing this exercise for at least 1 minute while sitting on the floor. Repeat three times every day till you get relief from lower back pain caused by leg muscle strain without any side effects on your body.

4) Stretching:

Stretching is the best way to cure lower back pain if done regularly, giving relief in just two weeks maximum with little effort and time investment. Take a look at the pictures below to know about different stretches that can help you cure lower back pain slowly but steadily.

How to do:

You sit straight, bending forward while touching the knees with hands or forehead, keeping the neck relaxed and head upwards. Hold that position for 15-20 seconds while breathing normally. Relax your body after completing this exercise for at least 1 minute standing straight—repeat three times every day, resting in between sessions to gain maximum benefits from these stretches.

5) Cobra pose:

The cobra pose is a simple yoga asana or exercise you can do at home or office without even taking a break to naturally get rid of back pain. This pose provides you relief from lower back pain and improves digestion and posture of the spine due to its natural stretching effects on back muscles.

How to heal lower back pain fast:

Pressure the one side of your lower back. While pressurizing, breathe out. You can do it for about 10 seconds. Relax and then repeat the process on another side. Continue doing these steps 4 to 5 times a day. This will help you in reducing the pain in the lower back. The best thing about this Home Remedy is that there are no risks involved while performing this simple exercise at home or anywhere else.

It would be best if you tried cucumber to treat lower back pain at home without spending money on doctor consultation fees and medicines, which may include some harmful chemicals inside those bottles. Still, the most crucial part is to make sure you use fresh and long cucumbers as they contain more water content than those short and thin versions.

If you are willing to add cucumbers to your diet, try having them in the morning before going for breakfast, as it will give you energy and make you feel active all day long. This is one of the best home remedies for lower back pain, which is highly effective and free from side effects.

In today’s time, when we see a lot of young generations falling prey to many diseases due to their ignorance in terms of taking food intake at the right time, we should come over this problem and start eating vegetables having lots of water content to stay healthy from inside out.

You can also take care by eating green leafy veggies and chicken or meat products because they contain lots of minerals and nutrients and lubricate your internal system at the same time. You will feel energetic the whole day.

After reading this article, if you want to get rid of those disturbing pains in the lower back, I recommend you to try the home remedies mentioned above for a better result.

How to relieve lower back pain while sleeping:

If you are suffering from lower back pain, you will already know that getting proper sleep is one of the most challenging things, especially at night.

Lower back pain can create problems for sleeping at night. It wakes you up several times during your sleep hours, which eventually results in a lack of proper sleep, further inducing additional stress or depression.

Suppose you have tried many methods to cure lower back pain. In that case, I think here is the right time for trying yoga because yoga has always been considered a natural way to heal any disease if appropriately applied and at regular intervals. The best thing about all yoga types is that they are natural ways of healing mental and physical issues without creating any harmful effects.

How to relieve back pain fast:

The best way of getting relief from lower back pain is to stay physically active. Apart from working hard in the office, it would help if you also tried some physical activities like swimming or exercising at home, providing you with great relaxation.

Another effective method of getting rid of lower back pain fast is to keep your spine straight while sleeping which can be done by turning on your side or putting a pillow under the knee so that it will prevent your body weight from falling on your belly because this sort of pressure puts additional load on both muscles as well as joints resulting in more stiffness.

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