How to send videos without losing quality in WhatsApp by sending them as files

We are going to explain to you how to send videos without losing quality in WhatsApp, something you can do by sending them as files. When you send a video by WhatsApp, the application compresses it to try to send it with a smaller size so as not to harm data rates. However, there is a fairly effective method to send it without any compression.

What you are going to have to do is send the video as a document, so that you will send the original file what’s on your mobile. Something you should know is that this will not allow you to trim the video or perform any type of editing, and that the other person will receive it as a file and will not be able to play the video with WhatsApp, they will have to use another app.

Send videos as files on WhatsApp

Clip Credit

The first thing you have to do is record the video in advance and have it on your mobile. Then, go to WhatsApp and enter the conversation in which you want to send the video, and click on the share option that appears with a clip icon.


A menu will be displayed with all the sharing options. Here, the normal thing is that you choose the option of Gallery to share the video. However, what you should do is click on the option Document which is with which you can send documents and other types of files that do not play automatically.

Choose Video

Now, you have to browse your files and choose the video you want to send. The process depends a bit on your mobile, since the internal file explorer will be used. However, on some Android phones you may have to choose an option from other files to open a different file explorer and navigate through your folders until you find the video.


WhatsApp will show you a window in which you must confirm that you want to send the video file. To do so, simply click on Submit after noticing that you are going to send it to the person you love.

Video Sent

Now, WhatsApp will send the video file to the person you want. As you see, before doing it you will not have any option to edit the video, your original file will be sent unmodified in any way.

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Open Video

And later, the person who receives it will have to use another app to run the video, since WhatsApp has not sent it as a multimedia file and does not play it internally. Here, I recommend that do not open files sent to you by strangers, because it could be a way to infect your mobile with some malware.

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