Vagabond Season 1: Netflix Release Date, Plot, Trailer, Cast, Release Schedule

So one of the most awaited Vagabond Season 1 series is going to be aired soon! Netflix has given so many most beautiful Vagabond series to watch. It is a South Korean spy thriller which has been created by Jang Young- Chul and Jung Kyung- soon.

Vagabond Season 1
Vagabond Season 1

The plot of the Vagabond

As the story would be fascinating as it has been pen downed by young Chul and Jung Kyung. On the other hand, chal dal gun has dreams of seeing himself as a world-famous action actor, but currently, he is working as a stunt actor. He even has survived a plane crash which has killed more than 200 civilians, including his nephew.

On the other hand, Chal dal Gun is very much determined to know about the truth behind the accident. Determined chal dal even gets the clutch of fact by digging up the public corruption case.

A cast of the Vagabond

These actors and actresses are going to be there in the vagabond series

  • Chal Dal – Gun – ( Lee Seung – Gi)
  • Jung kook Pyo- (Bae Yoon- sik)
  • Hong Soon-Jo – (Moon Sung-Geun)
  • Go Hae-Ri – (Bae Suzy)
  • Ki Tae-Woong – (Shin Sung-Rok)
  • Min Jae-Sik – (Jeong Man-Sik)
  • Edward Park – (Lee Kyoung-Young)
  • Yoon Han-Ki – (Kim Min-Jong)
  • Kang Joo-Cheol – (Lee Ki-Young)
  • Kong Hwa-Sook – (Hwang Bo-ra)
  • Jessica Lee – (Moon Jeong-Hee)

Schedule and release date of the vagabond

There will be 16 episodes in the first season. As each event will be of 70 minutes. It is going to be aired on 20th September on Friday. The timing will be 22: 00 P.M., but this series will not be on Netflix. But Netflix has taken up the series for exclusive international distribution; it means that Netflix will release only two episodes in a week whereas the series is broadcast in South Korea. So enjoy this series with a new experience!

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