How To Check Iqama Insurance Status in 2 Methods

When it comes to protecting yourself financially, purchasing insurance is an advisable measure. This is especially true when living in a foreign country, such as Saudi Arabia. Employers are required to purchase healthcare insurance for their expatriate employees, known as Iqama insurance policies.

These policies typically provide coverage for three basic types of health care — inpatient services, prescription medications, and outpatient services.

If you are an ex-pat working in Saudi Arabia and would like to know the status of your employer’s Iqama insurance policy or if you simply wish to confirm that you are protected by valid medical insurance coverage, this article will guide you through the process with two easy steps.

Confirming your Iqama Insurance status is essential if you are planning on obtaining or renewing your resident ID card (Iqama). Keep reading to learn more.

Method 1: Check Iqama Insurance Status Online

Checking your Iqama insurance status online is the fastest and most efficient way to find out if your Iqama is insured. It can be done in a few easy steps and you don’t even have to leave your house.

To check your Iqama insurance status online, you will need to visit the Ministry of Labor and Social Development website. From there, you will be able to submit the necessary information and get your results quickly.

Log in to the Ministry of Interior Website

Before following this method, you must have the login credentials for the Ministry of Interior website.

Once logged in to the Ministry of Interior website, follow these steps:

1. Select the “Passports and Civil Status” icon from the homepage menu.
2. From this drop-down menu, choose the “Insurance Queries” option.
3. On passing through security and accessing the personal data page, enter your Iqama number and your password and click on “Proceed” to access the detailed Iqama insurance status page.
4. Following this step, you will be able to view the date of validity and current status (active/expired) of your Iqama insurance cover on this page.

Find the “Inquiry” Tab

In order to check your Iqama insurance status in Saudi Arabia, you have two main methods available. Both are explained below.

Method 1: Check Iqama Insurance Status Online
This is the simplest way to verify your health coverage and check the validity of your Iqama insurance. All you need to do is visit the Ministry of Labor website, select ‘Inquiries’ from the menu bar and enter your personal information like Iqama ID number, and CAPTCHA code. In a few moments, you will receive confirmation of which company is providing health benefits for you and how long it is valid.

Method 2: Ask Your Sponsor/Company
Your sponsor (or employer) can give you information about your health coverage and where exactly it comes from – whether it’s a private or public provider. This will help you understand what services are covered under your policy as well as any limits that may be imposed on certain treatments or procedures. You should also ask if there are any additional costs associated with these treatments, such as excess fees or deductibles – depending on the policy terms given by your employer’s chosen insurer.

Select “Inquiry About Iqama Insurance”

Once you arrive at any of the General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) websites, select “Inquiry about Iqama Insurance” from the menu. Enter your details in the appropriate sections – namely ID Number, Name, Date of Birth, and Iqama Number. Once you are done, click “Submit”.

You will be directed to a new page with details of your personal insurance status in Saudi Arabia. The information will include your employer’s name, your policy number, effective dates, etc. From this page, you can also generate reports that provide detailed information on hospitalization benefits in Saudi Arabia.

Enter Iqama Number and Click “Inquire”

In order to check the insurance status of your Iqama (residency card) online, you will need to find a credible government-authorized website. Once found, fill out the required information including your Iqama (residency card) number and click the “Inquire” button.

This will direct you to your Iqama insurance page which provides detailed information about your policy designation, validity date, coverage type, and beneficiary name. You can also see the start date of your insurance coverage and any past premiums paid.

The website may also provide you with additional information such as phone numbers and emails of relevant contacts in case you have further questions or need help understanding any details on the page.

Method 2: Check Iqama Insurance Status by SMS

Checking the Iqama insurance status through SMS is a convenient way to do it. You can do this from the comfort of your own home or wherever you are. All you need to do is send an SMS to a particular number that contains your Iqama number. Once you have done this, you will receive an SMS back with the information you require. Let’s take a look at how to do this.

Send an SMS to 920009204

In order to check the insurance status of your iqama, you can also send an SMS to 920009204. Upon sending the message, you will receive an instant reply from the system with your insurance policy details (if registered). The format for sending an SMS is:

To Check the status of the insurance policy: Send “Insurance” or “Tkaffir” or “KAFFIR”

Please note that different mobile operators may require slightly different formats; check with your individual carrier for any special instructions on how to prepare a message. Additionally, it is important that you check the received SMS message carefully to make sure that all your information is correct and updated.

Enter the Iqama Number in the Message

To use the SMS method of checking your Iqama Insurance Status, you need to follow the instructions below:

1. Open your mobile phone messaging app and create a new message.
2. Enter the recipient number: 1100111.
3. Enter your Iqama Number in the message content, making sure to include all ten digits without spaces or dashes, for example, 1234567891.
4. Send the message and wait for a reply from 110 111 confirming whether or not your insurance is valid at this time.

This method should return an immediate response and is a convenient way to quickly check if your Iqama insurance is up to date and valid for entry into Saudi Arabia.

Wait for the Response

Once you have sent an SMS to the number provided and received a response, you will need to wait for a reply from the insurance company. The response will indicate whether or not your Iqama is covered by their insurance policy. Depending on the company, this could take some time and multiple SMS messages may be necessary before receiving a response.

If you have received no response by five days after initial contact, it may be a good idea to contact the insurance company directly either by phone or through their website. This should help to ascertain why no reply has been received and whether your Iqama is covered by their policy or not.


In conclusion, there are two ways you can check Iqama’s insurance status. You can either contact the General Authority of Zakat and Tax (GAZT) online through their website or you can go to one of their offices in the Kingdom and ask for a printout of the latest insurance policy.

It is important to be aware of your Iqama insurance status, as it can have implications for any residence or employment agreements you make with companies in Saudi Arabia. Knowing how to check your status and keeping it up-to-date is essential for legal residency in Saudi Arabia.

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