Carole and Tuesday Season 2 Netflix Original Plot, Cast & Release date

Now a- days anime has taken a great place in the heart of all people! Even Netflix has offered so many marvelous anime for the users of Netflix. To end the summer with brilliant Carole and Tuesday, fans are already eager to know when Carole and Tuesday are going to be part of their entertainment. Well, soon fans can expect Carole and Tuesday on their Netflix TV.

Carole & Tuesday
Carole & Tuesday

Carole and Tuesday:

As humanity has colonized mars where living and colonization has become a reality. Following the storyline of Carole and Tuesday, there will be two younger girls who aspire to become a musician, and they have fateful encounter, all of sudden they start doing which earlier they thought of that difficult, motion of the music.

Release date of the Carole and Tuesday

The release date of the Carole and Tuesday is on 3oth august on Friday. There will be 12 episodes, and 12 episodes will air on Japanese networks on the 27th of June. But according to Canada (Netflix), this is going to be released on 26th September.

It will even get finish by November. And the other two will arrive on Netflix by the end of November.

The episodes will be twenty- five minutes. But still, there is no confirm announcement regarding this. So witness some great and fantastic anime as there are only a few days left.

The cast of the Carole and Tuesday

  • Carole – (Miyuri Shimabukuro)
  • Tao – (Hiroshi Kamiya)
  • Ertegun – (Mamoru Miyano)
  • Position – (Forged Member)
  • Tuesday – (Kana Ichinose)
  • Angela – (Sumire Uesaka)
  • Gus – (Akio Otsuka)

Now this will be fun to see how Carole and Tuesday are going to attract audiences. How this story would be different from each other. As day by day anime is making its place because of such a fantastic series!

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