Houseki no Kuni Season 2: Release Date, Cast, and Everything You Need to Know

“Houseki no Kuni”, also known as “Land of the Lustrous”, delves into an original theme with a plot that centers on the concept of transformation. The anime will take you on an emotional roller coaster thanks to the fascinating CGI-induced images and the incredibly interesting screenplay.

It’s possible to go from giggling at the young Gems’ foolish antics to being heartbroken by their fight against the Lunarians throughout the course of the episode. In addition, the complex storyline and world-building make it enjoyable to watch again and over again.

Although the Studio Orange (‘Black Bullet,’ ‘Beastars’) production ‘Land of the Lustrous’ first seems to be a lighthearted fantasy show, the more you learn about its characters, the more you’ll find yourself empathizing with them despite their shortcomings. If you haven’t watched “Houseki no Kuni,” you’re missing out on something special. That being said, if you’ve been ho, and Everything You Need to Knowping for more from this anime, you may be interested in what’s coming next.

Houseki no Kuni Season 2 Renewal Status

Studio Orange is yet to announce a season two even though there is enough content to justify one. Considering the success of the first season and the almost doubling of manga sales after the premiere of the anime in October 2017, this is a rather strange turn of events.

Unless, of course, the point of the anime was to boost interest in the manga, in which case it accomplished its goal. The success of the anime series may be measured by its widespread acclaim across several media. To sum up, there is absolutely zero chance that Studio Orange will not consider continuing the program for another season.

Houseki no Kuni Season 2 Release Date

Houseki no Kuni Season 2 has not yet been given a concrete release date, which is to be anticipated. There is no shortage of motivations for adapting a light book or manga into an anime. This might be done for the sake of convenience or to increase interest in the source content. Houseki no Kuni is successful if and only if its driving force is the latter. In light of this, it’s possible that Studio Orange has no compelling reasons to make the sequel unless they’ve altered their views.

It’s understandable if the four-year pause bothers some of you. Since sequels are often produced shortly after the conclusion of the first season, we get it. Houseki no Kuni Season 2 is not completely out of the question due to a few notable outliers. There is a delay till 2023. Don’t get your hopes up for the sequel if there’s no word in the following year.

Houseki no Kuni Story

In the distant future depicted in Hseki no Kuni, the planet Earth has been devastated by meteor strikes six times. Nearly all forms of life were wiped off, and the remaining country decreased to a single seashore. A new species of intelligent life arose over long periods of time, a race of immortal diamonds with the appearance of humans. Phosphophyllite (Phos) has a low hardness (among the lowest) and is mostly disregarded by its more robust counterparts.

After being tasked with writing a natural history encyclopedia, Phos approaches his reserved but intelligent coworker Cinnabar for advice, marking the beginning of a fruitful professional and personal relationship. However, the Lunarians (Moon people) are at war with the “jewel people” because of the opulence they can provide.

Houseki no Kuni Cast

  • Phosphophyllite Voiced by: Tomoyo Kurosawa(Japanese); Sarah Wiedenheft(English)
  • Cinnabar Voiced by: Mikako Komatsu(Japanese); Avery Smithhart(English)
  • Diamond Voiced by: Ai Kayano(Japanese); Savanna Menzel(English)
  • Bort Voiced by: Ayane Sakura(Japanese); Genevieve Simmons(English)
  • Morganite Voiced by: Mutsumi Tamura(Japanese); Olivia Swasey(English)
  • Goshenite Voiced by: Saori Hayami(Japanese); Juliet Simmons(English)
  • Rutile Voiced by: Yumi Uchiyama(Japanese); Shelley Calene-Black(English)
  • Jade Voiced by: Ayahi Takagaki(Japanese); Heidi Hinkle(English)
  • Red Beryl Voiced by: Maaya Uchida(Japanese); Cat Thomas (English)
  • AmethystVoiced by: Kanae Itō(Japanese); Teresa Zimmerman(English)
  • Benitoite Voiced by: Ari Ozawa(Japanese); Elissa Cuellar(English)
  • Neptunite Voiced by: Atsumi Tanezaki(Japanese); Carli Mosier(English)
  • Zircon Voiced by: Himika Akaneya(Japanese); Brittney Karbowski(English)
  • Obsidian Voiced by: Ryō Hirohashi(Japanese); Shanae’a Moore(English)
  • Yellow Diamond Voiced by: Junko Minagawa(Japanese); Allison Sumrall(English)

Houseki no Kuni Season 2 Plot

Since it is still unknown how many chapters of the manga will be adapted into Season 2, we have no idea where the story of Land of the Lustrous Season 2 may go. In particular, we have no idea how far the second season may go, if it ever exists, owing to a general lack of knowledge.

Houseki no Kuni: How much of the Manga is covered?

The 12 episodes of the anime, which features 2D/3D animation by studio Orange, adapt 31 chapters of the manga, which takes place between October 2017 and December 2017. The manga contains over 85 chapters, so there is enough content for a second season. Black Bullet isn’t Studio Orange’s only popular anime series; they’re also responsible for the even more well-known Beastars.

Houseki no Kuni Season 2 Trailer

We’ve given you all the information and our opinions on Land of the Lustrous Season 2, so you can figure out for yourself why there isn’t a trailer for it. This is because we have no idea whether the program will be renewed for a second season, therefore a trailer may never be released. But there is no evidence suggesting that the Land of the Lustrous won’t return, given what we know at this time.

Where to watch Houseki no Kuni?

The second season of Land of the Lustrous is not available to stream at this time since it does not yet exist. Amazon Prime and HIDIVE, two famous Western anime streaming services, carried the first season worldwide, so it’s reasonable to anticipate that they would carry the second season as well.

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