Banana Fish Season 2: Release Date, Cast, and Everything We Know Far

Based on the manga of the same name, Banana Fish is a popular Japanese criminal thriller anime series. The manga series, created by Akimi Yoshida and running from April 13, 1985, to March 12, 1994, debuted the following year. The comic story has been finished for almost two decades, but the Japanese animation company MAPPA has already confirmed that they will adapt the manga into an animated television series.

The first season premiered on July 6, 2018, and was an instant smash with both new and longtime viewers of the source material. Since then, viewers have been hoping for confirmation of a second season, and here is all we know about Season 2’s potential.

Banana Fish Season 2 Renewal Status

The first season of the anime was created by MAPPA, one of the most well-known animation companies. As usual, the studio’s animation of the presentation was superb. However, they haven’t given the audience any new information on the show’s continuation.

There has been no official word from the anime’s creators for quite some time, and fans are becoming restless. However, there have been no announcements about Season 2 of Banana Fish. Neither the series’ creators nor the animation studio have decided whether to greenlight a second season. That leaves the anime’s fate up in the air.

Banana Fish Season 2 Release Date

Neither MAPPA nor any other organization affiliated with the production of the anime has announced a premiere date for Banana Fish Season 2 as of the most recent update. Similarly, there has been no confirmation of a sequel’s existence. This story will be modified with further information once the news has been officially verified.

Meanwhile, fans may wonder whether and when Banana Fish Season 2 will premiere. Sales of the Banana Fish Blu-ray in Japan have far surpassed those of any other successful anime that debuted in 2018.

Until an official announcement is made by MAPPA, we cannot be certain of the show’s future. Season 2 of Banana Fish, if the animated series is brought back to life, has no set premiere date as of yet. Banana Fish’s future is something we’re keeping an eye on, so check back here for updates as soon as anything significant happens. It is hoped that OVA chapters will be made available soon. Be vigilant!

Banana Fish Story

Banana Fish is an American criminal drama set in the United States. Ash Lynx, the series’ protagonist, is a lovable rogue with incredible combat skills. At the age of 17, Ash is the head of a street gang in New York City.

During the war in Vietnam in 1973, while Ash was a little boy, Griffin Callenreese, Ash’s elder brother, went berserk and began to open fire on his unit. After saying “banana fish,” the youngster immediately passed out. He developed a mental disability and moved in with his brother Ash in New York City, where Ash took care of him.

A dying man shot by Ash’s subordinate handed Ash a flask of something, an address in California, and the words “Banana Fish” as he lay in his hospital bed. Ash follows his interest and looks into where the song “Banana Fish” came from, setting off a series of events.

Banana Fish Characters

  • Ash Lynx

Ash, whose real name is Aslan Jade Callenreese, is the show’s primary protagonist. At the age of seven, he ran away from home. The Corsican mafia lord “Papa” Dino Golzine took him in and trained him to be a sex slave.

  • Eiji Okumura

Eiji, the show’s second central protagonist, is a Japanese college student of the same age as the protagonist, Yuki. Eiji used to be a competitive pole vaulter, and he had a bright future in the sport ahead of him until a terrible accident caused him to quit at a young age.

  • Max Lobo

Max, a major player in the program, is a journalist, a former New York City Police Department (NYPD) officer, and a Vietnam War veteran.

  • “Papa” Dino Golzine

Dino, the head of the Unione Corse criminal syndicate, is a powerful mafia leader who wants to use the sale of “banana fish” to the United States government to further his own interests and expand his authority and influence.

Banana Fish Season 2 Plot

Even though the manga finished in 1994, the anime didn’t debut until 2018. There, MAPPA opted to update the plot a little for contemporary audiences. The anime series took place in the twenty-first century rather than the eighties. Smartphones were included as well.

The manga’s creator has so far published 19 volumes. The complete manga was converted into a 24-episode season by MAPPA. This means there isn’t enough material for a second season of Banana Fish to be made. The anime obviously didn’t portray the complete plot, but at the conclusion of the 24th episode, everything was wrapped up.

Banana Fish: Will it ever happen?

The first season of the anime was very well received. It also received high praise from spectators and high ratings. Fans never got to see a second season despite all that since there wasn’t enough content. There was no way to start a fresh plot when the first season concluded.

Since the first season was animated by MAPPA, the studio has moved on to other projects, such as Jujutsu Kaisen and Attack on Titan. After that, production on the anime version of Chainsaw Man will get underway. Therefore, Season 2 of Banana Fish has very little chance of happening. Therefore, it’s quite unlikely that the anime would be revived for another season.

Banana Fish: Is it worth watching?

If we were to sum up Banana Fish in a single sentence, we’d say that it’s a literary masterpiece. Banana Fish, like every work of art, requires thorough consideration in order to grasp the complexity of its message.

The most stunning part of existence is represented in exquisite detail in banana fish. Some people may find the violence, sexual content, and other mature subjects disturbing. The wide variety of genres it covers means it will appeal to a wide variety of viewers. This includes adventure, criminal activity, thriller, romance, and BL, among many others. We highly suggest the anime for the reasons listed below. You can determine whether the series is interesting to you after reading it.

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