Horrific fire in the city after more than 30 years- Bronx apartment on fire by malfunctioning space heaters

About 19 people were reported dead on Sunday morning when flames went off from a malfunctioning space heater at a Bronx apartment complex, among which 9 were children. It is reported as one of the most horrendous blazes that went off in the city in almost 30 years.  According to the authorities, the children who lost their lives were 16 or above.

Daniel Nigro, New York City Fire Commissioner, explained that the fire had ignited from a portable space heater. It was placed in a bedroom of a duplex apartment on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the Parks North West complex in West Bronx, New York City. The smoke passed on through the open door of the apartment, which resulted in the quick spread of fire.

Bronx apartment

At least 13 victims have been hospitalized, and their condition is critical. Nigro further said that people were lying around on every floor. These people probably couldn’t escape the fire due to the intense smoke, even if there were internal stairways.

As for the evidence of the fire breakout, fire marshals confirmed during the investigation that flames were from the portable space heaters.

The fire patrolling department informed that there were around 200 members who took action to bring the fire under control by  1.27 p.m. ET.

One of the residents, Luis Rosa, informed that when the fire alarm awakened him, he shook off the warning thinking that it was one of the false alarms in the building. However, when a warning notification appeared on Rosa’s phone, he was then aware and waited with his mother.

However, till then, the smoke outside had intensified to the point where it could intricate them to death. Hence, they waited until the smoke disappeared.

New York Mayor, Eric Adams shared his grief and said that it was a painful incident witnessed by New York City. He further said that this fire would leave a painful impact on the people who were affected and even on those who witnessed the disaster.

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