Horizon Zero Dawn on PC will receive a launch patch: what will it add?

As the wait for the arrival of Horizon Zero Dawn on PC grows, the authors of Guerrilla Games confirm that they are working on a patch that will accompany the launch of the open-world sci-fi adventure starring Aloy.

The update in question, like any respectable "launch patch", will take care to fix some of the problems and bugs reported by those who, between testers and workers in the sector, have been able to try the PC version of Zero Dawn in recent weeks. The patch for day one of the PC reissue of the Sony exclusive, therefore, should not introduce further content additions to the already huge playful offer made by the Dutch subsidiary of PlayStation Studios between the base title and DLC, including the expansion The Frozen Wilds.

Based on information obtained from a Sony spokesperson contacted by WCCFtech, theupdate will improve stability of the sci-fi blockbuster and ne will optimize the graphics sector. In this regard, AMD representatives also reported that they are working on new optimized drivers for Horizon Zero Dawn on PC: in the event that compatibility problems arise before the launch of this update, AMD advises owners of their GPUs to use the optional drivers Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.7.2.

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The PC release of Zero Dawn is scheduled for August 7 on Steam and Epic Store: while waiting, we propose this special on Aloy against everyone in the shots by Emanuele Bresciani.


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