Hoops Season 2: Is It Renewed Or Canceled?

Ben Hoffman’s ‘Hoops’ is an adult animated comedy cartoon about a foul-mouthed, short-fused, and ill-tempered underachiever (Jake Johnson) who coaches basketball at a high school. The school’s principal notes that the principal’s son is in his position due to his wealthy businessman father, who played in the NBA. Coach Ben Hopkins knows how bad his squad is and makes no secret of making fun of them. When he looks up, he sees Matty, a 7-foot-tall outcast who may be his ticket to the big leagues. Overall, critics have been kind to ‘Hoops’ since its premiere. Now that you’ve finished your binge-watching, you may be wondering when the upcoming season will be released. Here’s more reading!

Hoops Season 2 Renewal Status

Ben’s game is over and done with. A second season of Hoops was canceled by Netflix. The show’s survival ultimately depended on its first season. There has been a problem with the drama series’ ratings. The low ratings for Hoops were likely the primary factor in the show’s demise. Netflix tends to only renew shows that have average or better viewership ratings. All of Netflix’s programs are probably performing well in online streaming. However, it appears that Hoops was not holding his own in the same group.

Furthermore, Netflix’s shows have not fared well this year. Even if they were performing well, several shows in 2020 were canceled. We’ll cross our fingers that Hoops is picked up by another channel. Nothing can be done except wait till then.

Hoops Storyline

The show’s title gives a good hint as to the subject matter. The plot centers around a set of basketball goals and a basketball coach. Ben Hopkins, the head basketball coach of Lenwood High School, is the main character. His career is in jeopardy if he can’t bring glory to the school team, and he’s having a hard time doing it with a pretty ordinary and small group of players. Matty, a seven-foot-tall man who, despite the coach’s initial misgivings, eventually joins the squad, comes to the rescue.

The tale revolves around Ben’s efforts to help his club win and his hope that doing so would earn him a shot at the big leagues. Even with all this going on, Ben still has issues with his ex-wife Shanon and restaurant-owning father Barry. Children should not be allowed to watch the program because of the constant comedy and drama. Despite Ben Hopkin’s inane antics, this show has the ability to lift your spirits.

Hoops Season Cast and characters

  • Jake Johnson as Coach Ben Hopkins, a rude and bad-tempered basketball coach at Lenwood High School.
  • Ron Funches as Ron, Lenwood High’s assistant basketball coach and Ben’s best friend who is dating Ben’s estranged wife.
  • Cleo King as Opal Lowry, the principal at Lenwood High and Ben’s boss.
  • Natasha Leggero as Shannon, Ben’s estranged wife.
  • A. D. Miles as Matty Atkins, a seven-foot-tall 16-year-old who is on Lenwood High’s basketball team.
  • Rob Riggle as Barry Hopkins, a legendary former basketball player who is now the owner of Hopkins Steakhouse and Ben’s father.
  • Nick Swardson as Scott, a gay teenager who plays on Lenwood High’s basketball team
  • Sam Richardson as Marcus, the only African-American player on the basketball team. He is often the team’s voice of reason.
  • Ben Hoffman as Time Bomb, a redneck player on the basketball team who is implied to be from an inbred family.
  • Eric Edelstein as Kirk, one of Ben’s friends.
  • Mary Holland as Connie, a prostitute whom Ben knows.
  • Gil Ozeri as Isaac, a Jewish player on the basketball team.
  • Steve Berg as DJ, an overweight player on the basketball team. He wears goggles with orange lenses while playing and speaks with a lisp.
  • Max Greenfield as Lonnie Seymour, an ethics teacher at Lenwood, who dislikes Ben.
    Guy Fieri as himself
  • Damon Wayans Jr. as Damian Chapman
  • Hannah Simone as Dr. Brooks
  • Will Forte as Dawa

Hoops Season 2 Expected Plot

Season 1 of Hoops concludes with Ben taking a job at Henderson Prep. He didn’t get the position because he did a good job on the job; he got it because he successfully persuaded the mother of seven-footer Matty (A.D. Miles) to let her son move to a better school so he could play basketball there. Ben tells everyone at Lenwood High that he is leaving, and then hangs his jacket as a memento of his time there, only to find that he has forgotten his vehicle keys in the pocket. Ben is subsequently met by his team, who form a human barricade on the street to prevent him from passing. The coach’s automobile eventually gives out, foreshadowing his bleak future at Henderson Prep.

If Netflix renews Hoops for a second season, Ben will likely lose all sense of control due to his arrogance and failure to understand himself. The majority of the supporting cast in the first season of Hoops are former or current Lenwood High School basketball players, suggesting that Ben will make a similar journey to Ben Affleck’s Jack Cunningham in The Way Back in order to start again with Shannon.

Hoops Season 2 Release Date

The first season of the program premiered on Netflix on August 21, 2020, and had a total of 10 episodes. The show’s production cycle started in 2018, making the total time spent on writing, animation, and production over two years. The average episode length is between 23 and 26 minutes. We assume the creators had the same expectation that the show would last for 6-7 seasons, like most comedies.

To the dismay of fans, however, we discovered in December 2020 that the show had been canceled and that no more seasons would be produced. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that producers frequently change their minds about canceled series. If Season 2 gets renewed, we should expect the same number of episodes every season (about 10) and the same duration per episode (around 30 minutes).

Hoops’ Official Trailer

Hoops, if you hadn’t watched it before, is available on Netflix right now, or you can watch the first season’s official trailer down below.

Where can I watch Hoops?

Hoops, as we all know, is an entirely original Netflix animated comedic series. As such, the show can only be seen on Netflix. The rights to the show, including any potential sequels, are owned by Netflix.

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