High School DxD added Issei’s future life

The Expectation of High School DxD

Highschool DxD’s plot is based primarily on Issei Hyodo, the anime character. In the previous year’s seasons, Kuoh Academy was revealed to be an angel and a demon that has been recently turned into a combined school, not a regular high school rather than learning. Issei Hyodo was the lead individual in his second year, so he was asked on his first day of school for the date agreed to. He revealed the identity of a fallen angel called Raynare when he came for the date of Yuma Amano and told him that he would die for it.

The next day he thinks it’s a dream when Issei Hyodo awakes, but he is surprised when he sees he is sleeping behind a naked child. Then the nude girl Rias Gremory, a 3-year-old pupil at the same school and a ghost revealed her identity and told her that she died on his first day yesterday, and she reincarnated him and became new demon lord of Issei. He always struggles to prove himself solid, and everything happens in this way.

During the new season, new students can be expected to join his gang at the school. Fresh demons can also be added and Issei’s future life can be seen alongside his demon lord and other devils.

Highschool DxD’s plot is based mainly on Issei Hyodo. Within the past seasons, the Kuoh Academy has been revealed, a newly transformed school into a school that is not a high school, but is full of allies and angel who are accepted as students. Issei Hyodo’s major character was the second year and he was asked to give an approval date on the first day of this faculty. As he went for the date, she revealed her identity as Raynare was a fallen angel and begged him to die.

Over the next year, we might expect university students to join his party. New demons can also be added, and future life can be seen with other demons and Issei’s demon lord.

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