Hi Bye, Mama! Season 2: Release Date, Cast, And Other Details

For those who couldn’t get enough of ‘Crash Landing on You,’ ‘Hi Bye, Mama’ was right there for them to binge afterward. The protagonist of the fantasy comedy does not want to move forward with her afterlife. To return to her human family, she undertakes a 49-day reincarnation effort.

‘Hi, Bye, Mama’ marks the comeback of the popular Korean actress Kim Tae Hee and brings back the TVN staple of a romantic comedy with supernatural undertones. The show was a huge success in Korea and, after it was added to Netflix, around the world. Is Season 2 of “Hi, Bye, Mama” in the works? Hmm, let’s find out.

Hi Bye, Mama! Season 2 Release Date

The premiere episode of Season 1 premiered on TvN on February 22, 2020. Likewise, it has been made available on Netflix around the world. On April 19th, 2020, the final episode will air. Once all 16 episodes were out. Numerous viewers have expressed their admiration and enthusiasm for the show. Our information suggests that the creators have not yet announced a release date.

Now, followers are waiting patiently for season two’s premiere date to be announced. Since the first season was so well received, a second installment will undoubtedly be announced soon. The second season is scheduled to premiere in late 2021. If things return to normal after the pandemic. Until then, all we can do is cross our fingers and anticipate the best. We promise to let you know as soon as we learn the release date or any other relevant details. Keep in touch with us for more information.

Hi Bye, Mama! Storyline

Cha Yu-Ri has been a ghost ever since her death five years ago. She loves her husband, Cho Gang-Hwa, and their child too much to fully embrace death. But in order to rejoin the human race, she must spend 49 days in a reincarnation study. But things become more difficult when she learns that Cho Gang-Hwa has remarried.

All of the threads from the family drama’s first season are neatly tucked away at the end of the season. Can Cha Yu-Ri make Earth her permanent home? Maybe she has no choice but to return. Find out by watching the show! Netflix subscribers can watch every episode right now.

Hi Bye, Mama! Cast and characters

  • Kim Tae-hee as Cha Yu-ri; She becomes a lingering ghost after getting hit by a car while 9 months pregnant. After being taken to the hospital where her husband works, her daughter is able to be saved, however Yu-ri is unable to survive.
  • Lee Kyu-hyung as Cho Gang-hwa; A well off doctor and former surgeon. After his wife’s death, he begins to distance himself from reality, becoming depressed.
  • Go Bo-gyeol as Oh Min-jung; Gang-hwa’s new wife, who later discovers Gang-hwa’s true feelings and about Yu-ri’s resurrection.
  • Seo Woo-jin as Cho Seo-woo, Gang-Hwa and Yu-ri’s daughter.
  • Park Jung-yeon as teenager Cho Seo-woo
  • Kim Mi-kyung as Jeon Eun-sook, Yu-ri’s mother.
  • Park Soo-young as Cha Moo-poong, Yu-ri’s father.
  • Kim Mi-soo as Cha Yeon-ji, Yu-ri’s little sister.
  • Shin Dong-mi as Go Hyun-jung, Yu-ri’s best friend.
  • Yoon Sa-bong as Mi Dong-daek, a shaman.
  • Lee Si-woo as Jang Pil-seung, an airline pilot.
  • Oh Eui-shik as Gye Geun-sang, Gang-hwa’s best friend.
  • Ahn Nae-sang as Professor Jang, Gang-hwa’s chief.
  • Ban Hyo-jung as Jung Gwi-sun
  • Bae Hae-sun as Sung Mi-ja
  • Choi Dae-sung as Kwon Man-seok
  • Park Eun-hye as Seo Bong-yeon
  • Kim Dae-gon as Jang Dae-choon
  • Shin Soo-yeon as Jang Young-shim
  • Lee Jae-woo as Kang Sang-bong
  • Shim Wan-joon as Shim Geum-jae
  • Bae Yoon-kyung as Park Hye-jin
  • Shin Cheol-jin as Mr.Choe
  • Lee Ji-ha as Park Hye-jin’s mother
  • Yoo Yeon as Mi-so’s mother
  • Lee Joong-ok as apartment ghost
  • Lee Jung-eun as shaman
  • Lee Dae-yeon as Kim Pan-seok
  • Lee Byung-joon as Baek Sam-dong
  • Kim Seul-gi as Shin Soon-ae
  • Yang Kyung-won as an exorcist

Hi Bye, Mama! Season 2 Plot

The story centers on Cha Yuri, a woman who tragically passes away in a vehicle crash. She turned into an apparition, but she may be able to return to her human form. Four years later, she returned to her loved ones. She has 49 days to make up her mind about returning to her family. Cho Gang Hwa, her spouse, was devastated by her death. He had just found out that his wife had died, and he was in denial.

Since he was single and responsible for his young kid. Oh, Min Jung was his second wife. After returning home, Cha Yu Ri discovered that her spouse had already wed again. They were a happy family. But she must balance her own happiness with that of her loved ones. Her loved ones are opposed to her returning home. However, she realized that staying here would be detrimental to her kid because the ghost would always be there. She will be unable to lead an ordinary life because of that.

Season 2 is likely to continue the events of Season 1. We’ll find out what path she takes in Season 2. Is she going to give up her joy to take care of her loved ones, or is she going to figure out how to deal with this?

Hi Bye, Mama! Season 2 Trailer

This is the Hi Bye, Mama! movie trailer. The second season is still under production. If you haven’t seen the first season yet, you may watch the trailer with English subtitles right here.

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