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here you have the biggest fans of the IV Reich

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It is clear that the Nazis have been the great villains of pop culture since … well, since World War II, when the Allied propaganda cinema showed us almost satanic and megalomaniac Germans.

It only took a couple of decades for that image of the Nazi as a more or less credible embodiment of absolute evil (After all, the concentration camps had happened; with that no horror movie can compete) it would fall into the hands of the craziest pop culture, and the Nazi would become something else.

That is to say, in sexual sadistic, in living dead, in dangerous sociopath or in pure and insane insane. The good thing about Nazism is that nothing imagined by fiction surpasses the real Nazis themselves, so you can step on the accelerator of the crazy thing, that there is an open bar. Recently we have been able to see 'Overlord', which mixes crazy experiments with pro Nazis, but of course, it is only the last in a long line of devotees of the IV Reich.

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We review a good amount of them in the new video of 'Everything is a lie in film and television': from the precedents of 'Overlord' as 'Shock Waves' to the latest documentaries about real Nazis but you almost don't believe them . Passing, of course, the nazisploitation of the seventies that filled the screens of swastikas and chungo sex simultaneously. The most upset goose steps you've seen lately.

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