Here are the reactions of fans to the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super

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In the last period the manga of Dragon Ball Super is having particular success thanks to the new villain introduced during the narrative arc of the Prisoner of the Galactic Patrol, or the evil sorcerer Moro, also called the Devourer of Planets for his particular powers.

Moro's character managed to give a new light to the plot of the new work by Akira Toriyama and which presents the drawings of the talented Toyotarō, even going to be considered the best story since the days of Dragon Ball Z.

Chapter 58 saw thearrival of Goku on Earth, thanks to its Instant Transmission. After having easily defeated, with extreme ease, some of the sorcerer's henchmen, who had caused quite a few problems to the rest of the Z Warriors, the Sayan decided to immediately show the first form of Ultra Instinct, called "Sign".

Faced with the intensity seen in the pages of the chapter, the fans reacted enthusiastically, as can be seen in the posts at the bottom of the news. While some have decided to refer only to these latest Dragon Ball Super boards, other fans preferred to dwell on the entire series, hoping also in the animated transposition of the saga of the Prisoner of the Galactic Patrol.

In addition, the cruelty and fun shown by Moro they could make it look like another, big, villain of the universe created by Toriyama, that is Cell. Opinions that only make the expectation even greater about what could be the final clash with this new enemy, even if Vegeta's appeal is missing, which could surprise readers with the techniques learned on the planet Yardrat.

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