Dragon Ball Super: here is the Super Saiyan God, but the style is that of DBZ

The clear break of Dragon Ball Super with the past was dictated by the introduction of the Super Saiyan God, the new transformation of Goku and Vegeta to face threats from all 12 Universes. Over time the power-up has evolved further, however this first transformation was particularly appreciated.

For the first time, in fact, the Super Saiyan gave up on blonde hair, green eyes and golden aura in favor of more reddish colors. Today Akira Toriyama seems to have had some second thoughts on the new form of Goku and Vegeta, since in an interview he revealed that he considers the Super Saiyan God an exaggeration. It remains undeniable, however, that this new power is particularly fascinating, especially with a much more retro style.

An artist, in fact, a certain one LEATHER LEATHER20, did not miss the opportunity to reinterpret a scene from the Dragon Ball Super anime with Goku SSJ God with the style of DBZ, therefore less modern but at the same time reserving more space for the physiognomic features of the body. The result in question, which you can admire at the bottom of the news, was greatly appreciated by fans with over 3.2 thousand expressions of appreciation, a symptom of the bond that is still hidden today among fans of the Super prequel.

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