Sailor Moon: Did you know that the main heroine was initially supposed to have pink hair?

Entire generations of enthusiasts have grown up together with Naoko Takeuchi’s masterpiece, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, a work that today is strongly known also and above all in Italy. Sure, the animated series didn’t enjoy much luck due to a serious and powerful censorship phenomenon, but some changes have been made by the author.

Leaving aside some scriptwriting errors, such as the choice to put aside the role of Bunny’s best friend, the latter protagonist has been the subject of various changes in the course of work. One of her distinctive traits is certainly her hairstyle: hair gathered in two chignon from which it falls two long and beautiful blond pigtails.

In fact, the author had planned for Usagi a very different color for her hair since the initial idea was to make them pink. For a number of reasons, perhaps related to editorial issues such as the yield on the various covers of the manga, the sensei changed her mind by trying with silver hair and only later reached the final result with the color we all know today. Either way, Takeuchi liked the idea so much that it would be revisited in the future with the introduction of Chibiusa, which colors tend mostly to candy pink.

And you, on the other hand, did you know this curious anecdote? Let us know, as usual, with a comment in the appropriate box below, but not before taking a look at this particular Bunny lowcost cosplay.

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