Heaven Official’s Blessing premieres on Netflix Will it have season 2?

This week, Netflix has launched two brilliant new anime series: “From Yakuza to Housekeeper” (Way of the Househusband) and “Heaven Official’s Blessing”. The last series is a chinese anime based on the novel of the same name by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu.

While many fans may have already seen the series earlier this year on Funimation, the anime Heaven Official’s Blessing finally hit Netflix on Friday, April 9. The next thing is if the anime has been renewed or when could there be a season 2?

Heaven Official’s Blessing Temporada 2

Good news for fans of Heaven Official’s Blessing is that the anime series has been renewed for a second season. However, due to how season 1 ended and the series’ popularity around the world, not many fans were too surprised.

Currently, Heaven Official’s Blessing has an impressive 8.3 / 10 score on IMDB and 8.34 / 10 in MyAnimeList. We expect the cast of season 1 to reprise their roles in the sequel’s installment.

An official release date for Heaven Official’s Blessing season 2 has not been confirmed, but fans should expect the anime series to return in late 2021 or early 2022.

Heaven Official’s Blessing would be the most popular Chinese anime on Netflix

The problem is, the series will likely hit international streaming services after the run has concluded. transmission on Bilibili. Funimation launched the series earlier this year, with Netflix debuting the series in April.

Together, this means that if Heaven Official’s Blessing season 2 launches in late 2021 in China, don’t expect the series to premiere in Funimation until early 2022. For Netflix fans, new episodes may debut until April 2022.

The Truth News will update you as soon as more information is revealed about the second season of “The Blessing of the Sky Officer”. We also remind you that the original Chinese novel had a total of 244 chapters plus 4 additional extras.

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