Health Benefits of Plank

 Health Benefits of Plank

Plank is a full-body exercise.

It works your muscles from head to toe.

Incorporate planks in your workout regime 5 times a week, and it’ll give you that flat hard stomach you’ve always wanted.

It tones the muscles of the arms, chest, back, and abdomen too, which other exercises can do only partially.

Because plank helps develop the strength of our stabilizer muscles around the shoulders and waist area, it makes us more flexible than we actually are by improving our posture too. These benefits give an edge to people who wish to be involved in fitness activities like yoga or just want to keep fit on their own without joining gym classes.

Planks are known to reduce lower back pain, which is one of the most common ailments.

Planks work on your shoulders too, making them leaner and stress-free. They strengthen your arms, biceps, triceps, pectorals, deltoids in its total shoulder complex.

Excessive weight causes saggy skin around the buttocks area that not only looks ugly but also makes you feel ashamed to wear your favorite jeans. With regular planks done 5 times a week, you can tighten up these muscles and get rid of this embarrassing condition.

You can perform plank exercise with another person or alone without any equipment or gym membership. All it takes is 30-60 seconds of concentration & dedication for just 3-4 weeks to get noticeable results.

It keeps you young! As an individual gets older, the body’s metabolism slows down gradually resulting in weight gain and other complications due to lack of physical activity. Plank is a great way to maintain your age.

Planks are known for reducing back pain too because it tones the muscles around the spine that support it, making our lower backs strong enough to carry out daily activities without putting pressure on our back muscles.

A plank routine helps build the stamina needed for more intense workouts like running or cycling etc. All planks help tone your muscles which eventually enhances their ability to function properly by improving endurance levels greatly. Maintaining proper core strength can also reduce the risk of injury by almost 40%.

Planks are effective in maintaining lean muscles. Adding to the list of benefits, they control weight gain and make you look thinner by toning your body’s midsection.

Strong core muscles speed up metabolism that helps burn fat at a faster rate even while you’re resting or sleeping!

It strengthens the wrists for a proper skincare routine. Applying lotions after day-long exposure to the sun can be difficult for people with weak wrists but planks strengthen them & provide relief from the dryness of hands which helps apply moisturizers effectively without any trouble.

If you have weak abdominal muscles, plank exercise is best for you as it’ll take less effort on your part to tone those abs.

Stronger core muscles help you perform all body movements made throughout the day in an efficient way. It maintains the strength of your lower back to keep it flexible, reducing the chances of developing osteoporosis in old age.

Normal blood pressure levels are indicative of good health, but people with low blood pressure can experience quite common medical conditions like dizziness, blurred vision; fainting, etc. A plank workout is best for them as they’ll be able to maintain their BP levels in a healthier way.

With regular planks done 5 times a week without fail, you not only lose weight but also maintain it by getting rid of all that stubborn fat that was difficult to get rid of before.

As an over 40-year-old, you need a workout routine that is enough to make your bones & muscles strong without increasing the number of calories you take in. Regular planks help maintain your bone density and muscle strength at a steady rate.

PT sessions for military personnel include planks as they’re known to keep them fit by keeping their bodies healthy from within. If they perform planks regularly it keeps their heart rates lower too, which helps them remain calm under stressful situations.

Planks not only build core muscles but also strengthen the shoulders, arms and legs well. All these benefits together make planking one of the best ways to tone up from head to toe so people can look better than ever!

Along with the regular planks, you can do side planks too for building lean muscles on your waistline. The best part is that they’ll only take up 10 minutes of your time which can be done without any equipment or gym membership!

It’s one of the most effective exercises to lose weight because it burns calories even while you’re relaxing. Since plank workout tones your body right from head to toe, all those extra pounds are burned at a faster rate than ever before leaving you with no option but to shed unwanted fat fast!

Plank benefits for skin:

There are plank benefits for skin that everyone needs to know about. Post-pregnancy, the first thing a woman looks for is her weight loss or any tips on how she can look slimmer and attractive soon after delivery. As time passes by the baby fat leaves our body but new stretch marks, cellulite, and loose skin take their place.

And this is so embarrassing. But you do not need to worry as there are simple home remedies such as applying a natural pack of herbs like aloe Vera gel mixed with essential oils like lemon juice, sea salt, and turmeric powder which helps you in gaining back your confidence and make yourself feel young again!

Other than these natural ingredients there are some other plank benefits for skin that we all know but ignore. Here we talk about some of the benefits of Plank Pose/Plankasana and its uses in your daily life:

Benefits of Plank Pose:

There are many plank benefits for skin that we can list down here, which you must know about. Some of them are:

1. It reduces tummy fat:

The more you do planks the more will be your belly flat and tight! The more time you spend on the floor while doing planks the better it works for your core! As planks tighten up your upper body muscles like arms, abs, hips, butt, etc. By reducing extra stomach fat through this exercise one can get a nice waistline too!

2. It reduces back pain:

As we do our daily chores, at times there might be chances that you will experience back stiffness or body aches. Planks are the best remedy for your back problems as it stretches out your abs and strengthen your lower back too! So no need to worry about the extra pain in your back anymore! The more you stay on par with planks, the lesser will be your chances to experience any sort of stiffness or body aches!

3. It increases energy level:

Planks act like a deep tissue massage where it helps us release all those unnecessary toxins from our muscles which makes us feel tired easily. As plank poses increase blood flow by working on deep tissues, thus one can work out longer and feel rejuvenated afterward!

4. It increases stamina:

Plank pose also helps in increasing your stamina which means you can do more, for longer time periods without getting tired! In simple words- get a fit and healthy body with a high energy level increased strength and stamina by doing planks daily!

5. It burns belly fat:

As we have discussed the plank benefits for skin top on our list is that it reduces belly fat. The more hours you spend while doing this asana the better results you will see. This exercise tones up all your abdominal muscles to give a flat sexy tummy instantly!

Disadvantages of planking exercise:

1. It is not meant for all:

Plank pose is not meant for everyone as some people might experience muscle or lower back pain while doing this exercise. Also, if you are on your menstrual phase then it is better to avoid this workout until you reach your period end! So keep this in mind before starting with planks!

2. Not recommended during pregnancy:

Planks pose should be avoided during pregnancy as well as it can affect the growing fetus and also cause cramps which one might feel at times after doing planks. If you have a high-risk pregnancy or are expecting multiples, then do consult with your doctor first to know the right time to start plank poses!

3. Always warm up before doing planks:

Plank poses should always be done after warming up. As it will give you a better grip and improve your body strength to do this workout in the right way! Also, make sure that you are in your comfortable clothes while doing this exercise because if done wrongly can cause injuries too so being comfortable is essential for plank pose!

Plank benefits for the chest:

1. It builds strong chest muscles: 

Plank pose helps us in working out upper body muscles too! So for a stronger and toned-up upper body do planks daily which will help you boost your confidence level with great looks too!

2. It tones your shoulder muscles: 

As we discussed above that plank benefits skin top on the list is that it reduces belly fat, along with this it also tightens your abs and tones up all your shoulder muscles like deltoids (front and side) triceps (back of the arm), and biceps (the front of the arm). Thus make an amazing combination for perfect body sculpting with strong shoulders and a flat tummy!

3. Tones arms:

As we do planks pose, it helps in toning your biceps and triceps to give a sexy look to your arms. Also, it increases blood flow which will make your muscles stronger and help in building lean muscle mass too! So include this exercise routine in your regular workout regime for better results!

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