Health Benefits of Cycling 15 Minutes a Day

Health Benefits of Cycling 15 Minutes a Day

The health benefits of cycling are well documented. Commuting by bicycle reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, adult obesity, and all-cause mortality. Bicycles are also a good exercise for children. The physical activity associated with riding a bike is an effective way to combat childhood obesity.

1. Prevents Obesity:

Cycling is an excellent exercise for losing weight or preventing obesity. It works on the upper and lower body muscle groups and helps to boost your metabolism and fat-burning capacity.

Cycling regularly for less than one hour can help you prevent obesity by burning calories and boosting your metabolic activity at a higher rate. You can also keep your belly in check if you cycle 15 to 30 minutes every day.

This traditional approach to combating obesity has been used for decades now and still proves effective among men, women, adults, adolescents & children alike. So get cycling today!

2. Lowers Bad Cholesterol:

Riding a bicycle daily increases the level of good cholesterol in the body along with reducing the level of bad cholesterol. A study conducted on 30 healthy men showed that cycling for 40-45 minutes three times a week increased good cholesterol or high-density lipoprotein (HDL) by 10 percent, which is great news for your cardiovascular system.

3. Reduces Risk of Heart Diseases:

Regular cycling can help you keep heart diseases at bay! As reported by Science daily, if you cycle regularly for 150 minutes every week, it will reduce your risk of developing coronary heart disease symptoms up to 50 percent or more.

Cycling reduces heart rate and blood pressure due to its low impact nature on joints and muscles, which makes it an excellent form of cardio exercise to stay fit & healthy without putting too much stress on your body. So get cycling today!

4. Treats Depression:

A recent study conducted by the University of Western Australia suggests that riding a bike is an effective way to treat symptoms of depression. 80 men and women took part in this 12-week trial, half of whom were given supervised exercise therapy on stationary bikes while the other half did not take any exercise at all.

The group which cycled regularly reported lower symptoms of depression than those who did not cycle or exercised in other ways like walking, weight training, etc.

So if you are depressed, get your cycle out & start cycling for 15 minutes daily without fail! Cycling can help you battle symptoms of depression both psychologically & physiologically along with combatting obesity & treating heart disease effectively too!

5. Boosts Brain Activity:

Cycling is an excellent brain booster! As reported by Harvard University, cycling for just 30 minutes a day increases the size of your brain & its function. This technique helps to boost overall brain activity in children and adults alike.

6. Prevents Cancer:

Cycling can help prevent cancer too! A study conducted by the University of Adelaide Australia revealed that riding a bike regularly reduces the risk of prostate cancer by up to 28 percent in men.

Similarly, studies have shown that women who cycle regularly reduce their risk of developing breast cancer by 20-25 percent or more. So if you are concerned about fighting cancer effectively without going through surgery or chemotherapy, start cycling today!

7. Prevents Osteoporosis:

Riding a bicycle or performing any light activity like walking & jogging helps maintain the density of your bones and prevents osteoporosis. If you are diagnosed with osteopenia or osteoporosis, consider cycling every day without fail!

Cycling also reduces muscle loss in old age along with strengthening muscles of the lower body. It is an excellent way for seniors to stay active while boosting their cardiovascular system too!

So cycle regularly if you want to remain healthy and prevent bone & muscle-related diseases, diseases of the heart, and also delay the process of aging!

8. Reduces Stress:

A brisk or a casual ride on a bicycle is an excellent way to reduce stress every day. A study conducted by the University of Bristol suggests that riding a bike for 20 minutes regularly reduces mental fatigue and improves mood by reducing the level of cortisol in your body.

In addition, it also increases dopamine levels along with improving your blood circulation for better oxygenation which makes you feel more active throughout the day & prevents fatigue too! So get cycling today to add more fun to your life while keeping stress at bay!

9. Prevents Diseases:

Cycling helps prevent a number of diseases including arthritis, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and even cancer! It is an excellent way to stay active and boost your cardiovascular health.

By cycling regularly you will not only reduce the risk of developing such diseases but also remain fit & healthy while leading a happy life free from fatigue! So what are you waiting for? Get cycling today without fail.

10. Prevents Asthma:

Regular cycling helps prevent asthma too! As reported by the University Of Medicine and Dentistry New Jersey (UMDNJ), riding or performing any type of physical activity like walking or jogging, etc.,

boosts blood circulation which helps deliver more oxygen to muscles along with improving lung function which prevents asthma effectively! So if you’re suffering from asthma, get yourself a bicycle and ride it every day. Your lungs will thank you for this one!

11. Prevents Obesity:

Regular cycling is an excellent way to prevent obesity & stay fit. According to a study conducted by the University of London, riding or jogging indoors or outdoors for at least 4-5 hours a week reduces the risk of obesity in adults regardless of their weight.

It also boosts metabolic rate which helps lose more fat effectively without much struggle! So get your cycle out today & ride away all your extra pounds along with boosting metabolism & preventing cancer too!

12. Keeps Mind Sharp:

Cycling is an ideal activity for seniors as well as people suffering from neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s disease & dementia.

13. Prevents Diabetes:

Cycling regularly not only controls diabetes but also prevents it! According to a study conducted by the University of Copenhagen Denmark, riding or performing any light exercises outside helps control type 2 diabetes effectively without much struggle.

Regular cycling boosts insulin sensitivity which increases glucose uptake into cells of muscles preventing type 2 diabetes effectively. So why wait? Get on that bicycle of yours today & ride away from the risk of developing diabetes in old age!

14. Prevents Osteoarthritis:

A joint condition known as osteoarthritis is common among people over the age of 50. It affects every joint of your body including your ankles, knees, hips, fingers & toes!

However, riding a cycle regularly reduces the risk of developing osteoarthritis by 30-32% as reported by the University Of Oxford UK. So get cycling today to prevent this dreadful disease from turning chronic in old age!

15. Prevents Cancer:

A number of studies have suggested that cycling regularly reduces the risk of cancer too! As per research conducted at Harvard University, US, women who ride or jog were found to be less likely to develop breast cancer later in life compared with those who didn’t do any form of exercise.

Another study conducted at Institute For Preventive Medicine Copenhagen Denmark also found that cycling regularly reduces the risk of prostate cancer effectively. So get yourself a cycle today & keep cancer at bay.

16. Prevents Depression:

Riding a bicycle boosts serotonin hormone levels in your body which helps prevent depression along with reducing anxiety too! Serotonin is also known as the ‘happiness’ hormone which makes you feel great by boosting moods effectively! So get yourself a cycle to stay happy & healthy in old age.

17. Prevents Heart Diseases:

Cycling regularly for at least 4 hours outdoors or 2 hours indoors reduces the risk of heart diseases and stroke by 40% as reported by the University Of Cambridge UK.

18. Keeps Teeth And Bones Strong:

Getting out on your bicycle and riding not only gives you a cardiovascular workout but also helps strengthen teeth, bones and even prevent arthritis! High-impact exercises such as running can lead to loss of bone density but cycling does not do so making it an ideal activity to tone all major muscles in your body along with strengthening joints too!

19. Prevents Arthritis:

As mentioned earlier, cycling is very helpful in preventing osteoarthritis because it doesn’t put too much pressure on your bones & joints.

20. Prevents Osteoporosis:

High impact exercises like running can lead to loss of bone density but cycling does not do so making it an ideal activity to tone all major muscles in your body along with strengthening joints too! It also keeps your spine strong enough to bear loads of daily chores without much struggle.

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