"He is not the fighter that we all want him to be but he has earned what he has": Julio César Chávez on "Canelo" Álvarez

Julio César Chávez highlighted the discipline he has had
Julio César Chávez highlighted the discipline that "Canelo" Álvarez has had throughout his career

Former boxer and world champion Julio César Chávez, assured that the Mexican Saúl Cinnamon Álvarez "he has what he deserves”Thanks to his discipline.

"Canelo has what he deserves, he is a boy who has been disciplined, he is a very good fighter, logically He is not a fighter that we all want him to be but he is a great fighter, he has earned what he has", said JC in the program Botanero Pa’Llevar.

Although he reiterated that his discipline is what has led him to be where he is "He is a very disciplined boxer who is the fundamental basis of this sport. and that is what has led him to success. ”

About his son, the Great Mexican champion I declare that "it was going very well but it deviated soon"Since" he began to earn a large amount of money "and that is Julio César Chávez Jr. was suspended indefinitely by the Nevada State Athletic Commission and the Boxing Commission for refusing to take a drug test before his fight against Daniel Jacobs last December.

The son of legend has already given positive twice to the exams of forbidden substances: one in 2009 for the use of furosemide, a substance that facilitates weight loss for which he had a seven-month sanction; and in 2012, for consumption of marijuana and he returned to the ring almost a year after his last fight.

Julio César Chávez and Saúl Álvarez fought on May 6, 2017,
Julio César Chávez and Saúl Álvarez fought on May 6, 2017, "Canelo" was the winner of the match (Photo: Joe Camporeale / File)

In the program led by Christian Martinoli and Luis García Postigo, The legend commented that "from the beginning I flatly refused that he was a boxer but my son has powers"," Even if you don't want to see it, "he replied to Martinoli about the beginning and current events of his son's boxing career.

"It is difficult to excel in any sport and when there is no less disciplineJulio was doing very well, but he started to earn a lot of money, it was very difficult for him because of the comparisons with me, ”said the former world champion.

In the program he also remembered how he started in boxing “I came from a very humble family and I only planned to fight for the championship belt and a defense to win $ 100,000, the rest was prepared by fate ”.

“When they give me the opportunity to fight for a world championship, what I had won the most in my career was $ 2,500 and if there was a world champion they would tell me‘ you are going to win $ 30,000 and if you are world champion, The first defense is $ 100,000, "I said." With that, I am retiring. ""Chavez commented, which sparked laughter among the drivers.

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He Great Mexican champion also mentioned that there was a time when he was simultaneously selected for soccer, baseball and boxing, and that when the time came to decide that having boxer brothers he opted for the latter.

Julio César Chávez professionally debuted the February 5, 1980 in front of Andrés Félix in Culiacán, Sinaloa and would hold a undefeated of wins until his fight 88, with a draw against the American Pernell Whitaker at the Alamodone in San Antonio.

He is considered the best boxer in history in Mexico (Photo: File)
He is considered the best boxer in history in Mexico (Photo: File)

"Definitely the most complicated fight, the most difficult was and always will be Meldrick Taylor's because I was undefeated, he was world champion and Olympic champion and he was considered to be equal to or better than Mohammed Ali ”, Julio César Chávez replied when questioned by his most iconic fight.

Julio César Chávez fought 37 bouts for world championships and had a record of 107 wins, six losses and two draws, and kept his undefeated until his fight 91 against Frankie Randall in 1994.

"I was always scared when I got in the ring, even if I was an easy opponent, even if I knew I was going to win, I was always scared”, The ex-boxer shared in the interview.

At the end of July, The legend surprised people and strangers by sharing that Mike Tyson invited him to participate in an exhibition fightMike Tyson called me to go fight in his exhibition. I had a chat with him a week ago and we were happy to greet each other, he told me to continue preparing because he could call me when he least thinks about it"Chavez explained in the radio program Bell to Bell from TUDN.


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