Harold and the Purple Crayon: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

A film adaptation of Harold and the Purple Crayon is in the works. An early 2019 release from Sony and Columbia will be the first feature picture based on the popular children’s book series.

The film has had a lengthy journey to completion, coming over 70 years after the original novel was written. Although work started in 1992, it was halted in 1994 due to problems occurring behind the scenes. There were rumors of a new CGI picture in the works by 2010, but those rumors have since faded, and there have been no updates whatsoever.

The news broke in early 2021 that a live-action adaptation was in the works, and production began in early 2022. We can now take a look at what we know about the Harold and the Purple Crayon film adaptation now that it seems to be finally getting the green light.

So, who’s performing in the cast? Could you tell me what happens in the story and how faithfully it will adhere to the books? Can you tell me when and where the movie will be released? Additionally, what else is important for viewers to understand about Harold and the Purple Crayon?

Harold and the Purple Crayon Release Date

On August 2, 2024, theaters will welcome Harold and the Purple Crayon. Even though it has only been 68 years since the film adaptation of Harold and the Purple Crayon, the book has already been adapted for several different media.

In 2001 and 2002, HBO showed thirteen episodes of an animated series with the same name. As the series progressed, Harold learned important lessons while exploring new worlds with his trusty purple crayon.

The first book in the series had a seven-minute animated short film adaptation in 1959. Animated shorts adapted from later volumes were published in 1971 and 1974. There have been theater adaptations of the series as well.

Harold and the Purple Crayon Cast

  • Zachary Levi

In addition to Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure (2017), Zachary Levi has voice-acting roles in Tangled (2010), Tangled Ever After (2012), and Tangled (2010), all about children.

  • Zooey Deschanel

Having starred in New Girl, the actress will now appear in Harold and the Purple Crayon.

  • Lil Rel Howery

Harold and the Purple Crayon has cast Lil Rel Howery, a comedian best known for his role as Bishop on HBO Max’s South Side.

  • Ravi Patel

Two of Ravi Patel’s works are Wonder Woman 1984 (2020) and Meet the Patels (2014), an autobiographical documentary that he wrote and directed.

  • Camille Guaty

Camille Guaty was on Prison Break from 2005 to 2007 and Scorpion from 2014 to 2015. You may remember her from those roles.

  • Tanya Reynolds

The British actress, who played the role of Iglehart from 2019 to 2021 in the Netflix comedy-drama series Sex Education, is 31 years old.

  • Pete Gardner

Pete Gardner played Darryl Whitefeather on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which was his breakout role on The CW. You may also recognize him from his role as Mike Pence in Robot Chicken (2018) when he portrayed the role of a former vice president.

Harold and the Purple Crayon Plot

Neither the film’s storyline nor the degree to which it will adhere to the narrative of the book series are known at this time. The plots of the novels are, essentially, rather straightforward. Harold, a little boy four years old, has a purple crayon that has magical powers. If he draws anything with the magical crayon, it will come to life.

Harold takes a nighttime stroll and, upon seeing that the moon is not yet visible, uses his crayon to create a representation of it. He goes back to bed, safe and sound, after continuing his crayon excursions and creating many more things from his imagination. This is the storyline of the first book, but it was so successful that it inspired other sequels.

While adapting the plot for the big screen, the film adaptation will most likely keep the core ideas from the books. In particular, the narrative of the long-delayed CGI movie would have tracked Harold’s journey to self-discovery as he used his crayon. After that, he utilizes it to assist his loved ones in need, including his parents, siblings, and friends.

The live-action picture may or may not use any of this premise, but with the idea developed, it might serve as a solid foundation for the new tale. Whatever the case may be, we’ll just have to sit tight until additional details about the narrative leak out, which should happen in the months leading up to the release.

Harold and the Purple Crayon Creators

Carlos Saldanha helms Harold and the Purple Crayon, which draws on a screenplay by David Guion and Michael Handelman. For Saldanha, this film marks her directing debut in a live-action feature. Ice Age, Robots, Rio, Rio 2, and Ferdinand were all directed by the two-time Oscar nominee.

He has also directed Rio and Rio 2. The films Dinner for Schmuks, Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, and the forthcoming Jason Momoa-starring Netflix original feature Slumberland were all written by writing partners Guion and Handleman. John Davis is in charge of producing Harold and the Purple Crayon.

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