Attack of the Giants: The last episode revealed humanity’s worst enemy

The first part of the fourth season of theAttack of the Giants ended with a spectacular twist, to say the least, which not only fueled the future developments that we will see in the second part coming in 2022, also produced by Studio MAPPA, but finally presenting the real, and greatest, threat to the whole humanity.

Eren Jaeger is trying in every way to submit the Eldians to his will to initiate Zeke’s terrible plan to “free” them from their lives tormented by Marley’s superiority. In this latest episode, Pieck managed to take Eren by surprise, giving Marley a glimmer of hope. However, the situation does not seem to be so rosy, as, apparently, Pieck is willing to join the Jaegerists to save the Eldians, surprising and upsetting little Gabi who feels betrayed again.

To show that he is telling the truth, Pieck decides to show Eren the hideout of his companions currently hiding among Eldia’s military. Once on the roof of the military building, Jaeger asks Pieck to indicate the “enemy of humanity”, and it is at that moment that the young woman, shaking Gabi’s hand, points directly to him, thus giving the Giant Jaw the chance to hit him with a surprise attack.

Shortly after the transformation into a Giant, Pieck reassures his partner that he has always been on Marley’s side, and while they are protected from the explosion by the Giant Jaw, they spot 5 airships in the distance, with many soldiers on board and of course Reiner, ready to unleash the greatest threat to humanity, Eren.

Recall that the Giant Beast has obtained a faithful female cosplay, and we let you discover from which chapter to resume the manga after the last episode.

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