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 Harley Quinn in The Suicide Squad will drink more of the "Paul Dini style"

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Image of Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad (2016)

Director James Gunn has been dedicated to answering questions from fans on Twitter, and obviously many of them were related to the film. "The Suicide Squad", in whose edition Gunn continues to work remotely. As usual in this type of response, no major revelations are made, but it does help us to better understand the focus or tone of the film.

Among these comments, the most outstanding is undoubtedly the tone or source of inspiration for the Harley Quinn that we will see in this movie, again played by Margot Robbie, who, as has been said in the past, will be an important piece in this new Suicide Squad movie.

James Gunn promises that this time, they have had very present "Batman: The Animated Series", where we remember the character was born and then make the leap to comics, since it refers to Paul Dini, co-creator of that series with Bruce Timm. By asking a fan to describe your approach to Harley Quinn he simply said:

Explosion of the Paul Dini style.

A clear reference, but it is also very open to anything.

When asked about which actor or actress do you think will have more screen time once the final montage is over, Gunn comments that that would possibly be revealing too much.

I consider that answering this question is a great spoiler.

In another order of things, on Twitter the filmmaker has confirmed that obviously already knows what the rating of the film will be but obviously he cannot say anything.

Finally to finish off with other themes, the filmmaker has commented that he considers Superman the most important character in the comics, since “it was the creation of the superhero”, and he has also revealed that his favorite video game is "Knights of the Old Republic", from Star Wars.

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