Han River Police Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Few Korean dramas have been as successful as Han River Police Station at winning over audiences. Fans all across the world have been gripped by this series, as it has done in Korea. “Han River Police Station” has become a phenomenon on television because to its compelling plot, likable characters, and reliable viewership.

This piece will investigate the show’s meteoric rise to fame, analyze its effect on Korean and worldwide viewers, and debate whether or not a second season will be made. Come along as we explore the fascinating world of “Han River Police Station” and get the latest information about season 2.

Han River Police Season 2 Renewal Status

Han River Police has not yet been officially confirmed for a second season as of this writing. The program has been consistently popular with viewers, both in Korea and throughout the world. Korean dramas seldom get extended for a second season despite strong ratings. Although this trend has reversed in recent years, we still think Han River Police won’t return for a second season because of all the talented people involved.

Han River Police Season 2 Release Date

The series was created by Kim Sang-Cheol, a well-known director and writer in the Korean business who has previously collaborated on some of the finest programs, and it has elements of action, humor, and criminal drama. Adopted on September 13, 2023, the series has so far shown six episodes.

This is the last episode. People have been left wondering whether there will be a new season now that it has been officially published. Unfortunately, we don’t have any concrete details on the show’s verified status at this time of writing. Being a Korean drama, it’s safe to assume that they’re already planning out further seasons.

Producers are putting forth extra effort to create additional seasons after the first success of the concept. However, we can’t tell whether there is going to be a second season of the program or not without further information.

Han River Police Story

The popular show Han River Police follows two law enforcement professionals, Han Du-jin and Lee Chun Seok. The two dedicated policemen were more than delighted to fuel up the adjacent handover area, and it was there that they came face to face with some of the unforeseen crimes that are kept concealed from public view. The two cops resolve to work together to make the neighborhood safer and free of criminal activity.

On the other hand, the road to eliminating evil from human civilization is fraught with difficulties. But thanks to the cop’s doggedness, they emerge victorious, and the plot thickens. In the event of a second season, we have a plan for how to justify the recurring plot point of the same police officer devising more difficult cases to solve. More intrigue will be added to the plot in the form of drama and fresh crimes.

Han River Police Cast

  • Sang-woo Kwon as Han Du Jin
  • Kim Hee-wondered as Lee Chun Suk
  • Da-bin Bae as Do Na Hee
  • Shin Hyun-Seun as Kim Ji Soo
  • Sung Dong-il as Captain Do
  • Yeong-hie Seo as Yoon Hyo-Sun
  • Park Ho-San as Baek Chul
  • Moo-Seong Choi as Hwang Man-Dae
  • Ha Soo-ho as Goo Nam-Gi
  • Hong Woo-jin as Jeon Gwang-Il

Han River Police Season 2 Plot

The season one finale left viewers hanging after police officer Han Dujin and Baek Chul’s nephew Hun Jun were taken captive by Go Giseok. The loyal police officer defends Baek Chul and Han Jun from Go Giseok’s thugs, allowing them to safely escape. How successful were they in evading Go Giseok’s forces?

While there is no trailer for Season 2 of Han River Police just yet, fans can be certain that the show will start off just where the first season left off. What comes next for Han Dujin and his companions will likely be the centerpiece of Season 2 of Han River Police. The next season will have a greater number of action sequences and stunts.

Han River Police Season 2 Trailer

The majority of readers are excited to see Han River Police return, but we don’t have any insider knowledge on when or if it will happen as of this writing. That’s why there aren’t any promos for the program. We promise to keep you updated on any news pertaining to Season 2.

Han River Police Rating

On IMDb, Han River Police is rated at 7.3 out of 10 stars. The series has received a 7.5/10 rating on MyDramaList, which is rather high.

Han River Police Review

The main characters in Han River Police react to calls for aid from local residents and investigate criminal activity along the river to keep the public safe. The characters’ witty back-and-forth is amusing, and the revelation of hidden truths deepens the layers of complexity in their relationships. It also brings something new to the table by way of a compelling premise, making viewers eager for the next installment.

As a result, Han River Police is a standard police drama, with its strengths being in the relationships between its cast members. Their unique personalities bring layers of complexity to the story. Han River Police has just the right amount of everything: a straightforward police procedural tale, action, drama, comedy, and humor.

The simplicity of the narrative is well-suited to the allotted six episodes, allowing the tale to unfold without any hiccups or a hurried conclusion. The show is designed to provide viewers with a stimulating and varied viewing experience.


The drama has won over viewers all around the world, not only in Korea, because of its engaging plot, complex characters, and reliable ratings. We can only hope that their popularity opens the door for even more original and captivating Korean dramas in the future, despite the fact that it is very rare for Korean dramas to be extended for subsequent seasons.

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