Half-Life: Alyx receives definitive release date

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Finally we will be able to return to the Half-Life universe from 23 of March this year, the day the new one will be on sale Half-Life: Alyx exclusively for devices virtual reality compatible with PC.

The users of HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and even Oculus Quest (thanks to Oculus Link) will be able to immerse themselves in a new story created by Valve and with nothing to envy to the classic deliveries according to the developers themselves.

The team has repeatedly influenced the fact of being in a complete game with a duration close to that of the last installments of the saga and a story that has a lot of weight within the franchise. It is not an experiment for VR, it is simply a new Half-Life created for this technology because of its capabilities to facilitate player immersion.

As the title indicates, here the protagonist is Alyx Vance instead of the classic Gordon Freeman, being the hero who has to work with her father, Eli, to organize a resistance against the organization known as the Alliance.

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"Everyone in Valve is excited to return to the world of Half-Life", said Gabe Newell himself."Virtual reality has revitalized us. We have invested a lot of ourselves in this technology. But we are also developers at heart and dedicating ourselves so much to a virtual reality video game that ambitious is simply exciting".

Half-Life: Alyx is built with the Source 2 engine and will support the creation of mods. It is launched at a price of € 59.99 and has long been reserved on Steam, where you can also get it for free by buying Valve Index units, the high-end virtual reality glasses desasaplanded and manufactured by the company itself. In fact, following the announcement of the game, Index units began to run out at an overwhelming rate.

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