Gundam Build Metaverse Episode 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Gundam Build Metaverse Episode 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

The fourth episode of Gundam Build Metaverse Season 1 will shortly be broadcast, and anime fans everywhere are getting ready for it. The first season in this well-liked anime series will premiere on Crunchyroll in Japan on October 6, 2023. Fans may anticipate both brand-new characters and familiar faces from season one.

A preview of this episode was previously made available to fans in the form of a trailer. Several new characters are introduced in the trailer.

If you’re a fan of the show, mark your calendars for the release on Gundam Build Metaverse Season 1 Episode 4 right away! Episode 4 of this well-known anime series sounds exciting and fascinating.

The most recent trailer from the verified Gundaminfo YouTube account indicates that the most recent Gundam series is getting ready for a huge launch.

This is only one of several fresh initiatives that the Gunplat Colony has planned for dissemination in the metaverse.

With the help of the most recent series, Gundam Build Metaverse, anime fans will have access to a more participatory experience than ever before.

Fans may anticipate updates on Gunpla, e-sports, music, and a wide range of other supplemental items in addition to the Gundam Build Metaverse, all of which are supposed to elevate this virtual experience.

The long-running Mobile Suit Hg franchise, which popularized the usage of hyperrealistic mech suits in media and art, is to thank for how well Gundam Build Metaverse is integrating into this new platform.

The Gundam franchise has expanded into television, books, movies, music, and other interactive media since it started in the 1970s.

Characters that engage in combat using blazing Gundam models in the metaverse will be the main theme of Gundam Build Metaverse.

Fans are already demanding for additional information about the franchise’s future given that the series continues to maintain its status as one of the most innovative anime.

This new show will focus on newbie Houjyou Rio, who enjoys playing the video game Gunplat Battle and is interested in it.

Compared to Gundam Build Fighters and Gundam Build Divers, this series will be much shorter and only have three episodes. The duration of each episode is not specified.

Gundam Build Metaverse Episode 4 Release Date

When will the anime television series debut? According to official statements, Gundam Build Metaverse Episode 1 is scheduled to show on Friday, October 6, 2018, at 18:00 JST.

On that day, October 27, Gundam Build Metaverse Episode 4 would be streamed, marking the series’ formal conclusion.

Since the fans have been anticipating this moment for so long, we are aware of their excitement.

We are aware that it will be challenging for both us and our viewers to maintain their patience given the distance we have to travel.

Sadly, there is no other option. For the time being, let’s just unwind and watch this page for any updates.

Gundam Build Metaverse Episode 4 Cast

  • Tsuchiya, Rio as Urutsuki, Seria
  • Anzai, Chika as Houjou, Rio
  • Komatsu, Mikako as Iori, Sei
  • Makino, Yui as Hoshino, Fumina
  • Togashi, Kazumi as Kamiki, Sekai
  • Numakura, Manami as Ayame
  • Kobayashi, Chiaki as Kuga, Hiroto
  • Kobayashi, Yuusuke as Mikami, Riku

Gundam Build Metaverse Episode 4 Trailer

Gundam Build Metaverse Episode 4 Plot

In Gundam Build Metaverse episode 3, the much anticipated 200 against 200 battle finally begins. It has been long anticipated that this confrontation will occur.

Rio is determined to reach Maria and bravely sprints past the lines of danger as he gets ready to tell her his true feelings.

It is obvious to observe how the two are putting their contrasting strengths and skills to the test as they engage with a violent struggle.

The battlefield is blazing with sparks as legendary combatants engage in epic fights. Rio’s Lah Gundam is faced by the menacing Gunpla of Mascarilla (Maria) in the midst of the chaos.

As they anxiously await the resolution of this suspenseful encounter, the audience is kept on the edge of their seats.

The current episode of Gundam Build Metaverse ends on a cliffhanger, leaving fans wondering what will happen in the next chapter, thus they are eagerly anticipating the upcoming one.

The Gundam Build Metaverse animated miniseries commemorates the Gundam Build series franchise’s 10th anniversary since Gundam Build Fighters debuted in Japan in 2013.

Along with their enhanced personal GunPlas, previous Gundam Build series protagonists return in the miniseries.

Given that October 6 also marks the 10-year anniversary of the popular Gundam Build series, the release date was chosen to honor the franchise.

Both the second and third episodes for Gundam Build Metaverse will debut on October 20. Subsequent episodes will follow soon after.

Fans can now participate with future chapters of the Gundam franchise and plan for the upcoming series thanks to the official description on Gundam Build Metaverse that was just made public.

The description of Gundam Build Metaverse states that it will concentrate on a brand-new online service that fans of the Gunpla universe can utilize to control avatars in the metaverse.

A user can communicate with other users, participate in Gunpla battles, buy Gunpla for use in later battles, and more after selecting and customizing a distinctive avatar.

Rio Hojo, a young kid who is to be the protagonist of the story, is torn between his love of learning about and making Gunpla in the real world versus following his wise tutor in the metaverse.

The tale takes place in the same world as the Gundam Build series into an online metaverse environment where users may move freely and interact with one another via avatars, including engaging in Gunpla combat.

Rio Hj, a child from Hawaii, is the protagonist of the novel. He learns how to construct Gunpla from Serial Urutsuki, a local hobbyist.

He learns the skill of Gunpla battling from a character dubbed the Mask Lady in the metaverse, and he works hard to improve every day. He searches out ever-stronger adversaries with his typical Lah Gundam.

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