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Grammy Awards 2020, the artists (aka the queen) who will perform on stage for a hit by GRLPWR

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On January 26 the curtain opens Grammy Awards 2020 and this year they come with a load of women in nominations. The pink tint will not only color the award categories. The latest announcement, in fact, speaks of the artists who will go on stage and perform in performance who will send the GRLPWR quota into orbit for the evening. We already expect great things and it is certain that we will not be disappointed. The Instagram profile of the Recording Academy is getting hot in these hours with the stories dedicated to performer and here we tell you everything.

Grammy Awards, who are the artists who will perform in 2020

… from Camila Cabello to Demi Lovato

To begin with and to inaugurate everything in beauty, understood as talent and music, there will be a presentation Alicia Keys. To alternate, however, the awards will be the shows of Billie Eilish, Lizzo is Ariana Grande, names that for 2019 dominated the rankings and social networks with their position. Just think that Spotify Italia at the top had the songs of Billie Eilish starting in March 2019, when the Los Angeles singer released bad guy and his first ever album, and that Lizzo confirmed his hypnotic skills thanks to his ballets on IG, sometimes as Sailor Moon, sometimes in the nude version to quote random films, like Titanic (LOLS). On the sidelines, we remind you that the star had already split everything that could be broken with her performance for the BET Awards 2019, where she also earned the esteem of Rihanna, not exactly one by chance. For Ariana Grande another speech is added: in 2019 the mignon singer had not performed due to a disagreement with the organization on the songs to be brought on stage. For 2020, however, the question seems to have come back: tuning in is a must.

They are joined by a great return, that of Demi Lovato, who on social media has announced that she will be among the protagonists of the Grammy Awards 2020. After being hospitalized in rehab following the overdose, this is officially the most important event in which the singer takes part and the enthusiasm can already be read between the lines of the caption IG "I told you that the time would come when you would know directly from me that I would sing".

But it's not over: to share the stage and the time of the evening for the shows, there will also be Gwen Stefani, Rosalía, that from Barcelona with fury has now conquered the global public with its urban flamenco, e Camila Cabello, that with Señorita, and recently with Easy he won hearts, also thanks to the contribution of Shawn Mendes, and ears.

Grammy 2020, but do we want to talk about Tyler The Creator among the performers ?!

In the queue come the names of other artists: i Jonas Brothers, who have now ratified their reunion with new singles and videos, the Aerosmith, so much for those who want to take a dip in the 90s, Blake Shelton, a country singer (ok, in Italy the genre comes a little less) who collaborated with Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani and Charlie Wilson, who has a career with Bruno Mars and Kanye West.

Finally we also report Tyler The Creator, the rapper-designer that at the last The Fashion Awards 2019 was next to Rihanna backstage. If you were wondering who is it, know that the star, with a passion for skate in DNA, is on her sixth album, Igor, and it is now one of the names, also for celeb A-list visits, to keep in mind.

Given the program, we also add another note: the artists ready to set fire to their energy Grammy Awards 2020 they will make the race between the stage and the audience because there are many nominations who took home. Lizzo has collected 8, including the one for his album Cuz I Love You and for his single Truth Hurts. Billie Eilish, who is now queen of records after the maintrack for James Bond, has 6 in her pocket, including the one for the best debut album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go ?, and for single bad guy. Ariana Grande has instead positioned her album Thank U, Next and his 7 Rings in different categories.

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