Google Rolling For 10th Version Android Q Beta 6

Android Rolling For 10th Version Android Q Beta 6

The past week is running with the full of Samsung Smart Phone. Samsung has released the Galaxy Series S10 and S10 Plus. Later, they have released the Samsung Note 10 and Note 10+. On another side, Google is focused on the 10th Version of Android Q Beta 6. So, they can fit it with the next Google Pixel Launch. Next Google will launch Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 Xl.

Android Q
Android Q

Now, Both phones are under the testing phase with Android Q beta 6. When Everything Completely Successfully then you will see Android Q official version in Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. Now they treated both smartphones with the beta 6 OS and next it will be opened for the public as well.

Something you have noticed about the Google Pixel Phone if any of your Friend has a Pixel series Phone. The significant notable feature of the Pixel will be Google’s New Android Q Easter Egg.

Android Q will be turned in the phone this week. Earlier weekdays will welcome the Android Q Easter Egg. Essential Phone of Google will be integrated with the new Easter Egg for the Android Q. But the news reports that Google gives just Android Q. On Pixel Phone they are not giving you the Android Q Easter Egg.

Now Easter Egg is running in the Android Pie. For all Android Q Beta Version, it will uncover in a followed week. Easter in Android Pie is residing the Psychedelic P logo and surrounded with vibrant colors.

Next, Android Having the Q in Logo. So, Essential Phone has said that After Beta 6 Android Q logo will Replace with the Easter Egg. Android 10 Mark will be declared with the black and gray background. Like any other android splash version screen, you can move the Logo of Android 10 with fingers. For Example, In Android 10, 1 and 0 will remain a separate digit. Both are moveable with your finger. 1 and 0 create the Q Logo in the Android Q Easter Egg.

If continuously tap on the Android Q Logo then it will turn out with a Picross Puzzle. Want to reward as a Pixel Version of the Android System Icon then complete the Picross Challange.

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