Good Sam Season 2: Did The Show Get Renewed For Another Season?

The CBS medical drama series Good Sam, produced by Katie Wech, premiered on the network on January 5, 2022. Dramas about physicians in the medical field are a staple on television. The teaser promised an intriguing drama with original characters and storylines that might have stood out from medical procedurals like Grey’s Anatomy, The Good Doctor, etc. Dr. Samantha Griffith, a cardiac surgeon, gets promoted to the position of chief surgeon at Lakeshore Sentinel Hospital when her supervisor and father, Dr. Rob Griffith, falls into a coma. Samantha will be in charge of supervising his return to surgery once he comes.

Fans sometimes wonder aloud if a franchise will be renewed or terminated midway through its plot arc if it seems to have promise for more installments. We regret to inform avid readers of Good Samaritan that the next installment will not be coming out any time soon. Good Samaritan Season 2 binge-watching will have to wait since CBS has decided to cancel the program.

Why was Good Sam canceled?

In the 18-49 age group, which is the most crucial since that’s who most commercials are aimed at, the program averaged a 0.25 rating. Good Sam has the lowest live plus same-day and live plus seven-day ratings of any scripted program on the network. Among CBS’s 14 dramas this season, it finished dead last.

The episode pulled in an average of over 3.77 million viewers and a demo rating of almost 0.40. Even though the program had a respectable amount of viewers, the show’s low rating may have been a reason for its cancellation.

Good Sam Storyline

Good Sam centers on Sam (Sophia Bush), a talented but restrained heart surgeon who is thrust into the job of chief of surgery after the famous but arrogant expert heart doctor Rob (Jason Isaacs) goes into a coma. While the doctor is unconscious in his coma, Sam is responsible for his care. And there’s the fact that Griff is really her dad to consider.

Their friendship is pivotal to the plot, particularly once Griff recovers and decides to go back to his job and begins working with her despite his reluctance to recognize her skills. Even though Griff questioned Sam’s newfound authority and her medical expertise, the series explored whether or not the father and daughter might reconcile and restore their strained relationship.

Good Sam Season Cast


  • Sophia Bush as Dr. Sam Griffith, Cardiac Fellow, and Interim Chief at Lakeshore Sentinel Hospital
  • Jason Isaacs as Dr. Rob “Griff” Griffith, one of the country’s best cardiothoracic surgeons, the hospital’s current Chief Medical Officer, and Sam’s father.
  • Skye P. Marshall as Dr. Lex Trulie, Sam’s best friend who is having an affair with Griff
  • Michael Stahl-David as Dr. Caleb Tucker, Sam’s ex and member of her team
  • Omar Maskati as Dr. Isan M. Shah, a doctor on Sam’s team.
  • Wendy Crewson as Vivian Katz, a former orthopedic surgeon, the hospital’s former Chief Medical Officer, Sam’s mother, and Griff’s ex-wife
  • Edwin Hodge as Malcolm A. Kingsley, part of the Kingsley Family Foundation, Lakeshore’s main donor, and the hospital’s new director of finance
  • Davi Santos as Dr. Joey Costa, a doctor on Sam’s team.


  • Yanna McIntosh as Dr. Rhonda Glass
  • Evan Parke as Byron Kingsley, Malcom’s father
  • Stephen Tracey as Tim Davis, Joey’s boyfriend of five years
  • Sendhil Ramamurthy is Asher Pyne,Vivian’s husband.
  • Victoria Rowell as Tina Kingsley, Malcolm’s mother
  • Travis Van Winkle as Dr. Eric Kace
  • Gerardo Celasco as Dr. Nick Vega

Good Sam Season 2 Expected Plot

The last episode of To Whom It May Concern aired on May 4, 2022. Jen Klein wrote the episode and it was directed by Craig Siebels. About 2.10 million people in the United States watched the episode, making it somewhat more popular than the season’s previous installments.

According to the official description, “the battle between Sam and Griff takes a shocking turn that will irrevocably change their family dynamic and the future of the hospital.” The changes in the family dynamic are a captivating plot that could have added more drama and twists in the story to make it interesting concerning the characters and allow for further exploration of their traits; however, this will not be addressed due to the abrupt cancellation of Good Samaritan Season 2.

If the authors of Good Samaritan had intended to make the competition between Sam and Griff a major plot point of Season 2, the show would have been great. Therefore, there were issues and gaps in the series which might have been resolved and elaborated upon. This is very disappointing for viewers who have been attached to the characters over the course of the series and who hoped for a satisfying conclusion.

Where can I watch Good Sam Season 1?

The CBS website has every episode of Good Samaritan accessible for streaming. You can also see this program on fuboTV and Paramount+. The series is also available for rental or purchase on Vudu, iTunes, and Amazon Prime Video. Users may tailor their streaming experience by selecting from a variety of subscription options. In addition, on Pluto, you may watch Good Sam without spending a dime.

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