Gold Rush: White Water Season 7 Release Date: Did The Show Get Renewed Or Not?

Fans of Gold Rush: White Water have been waiting patiently for the return of Dustin Hurt and his crew for new gold-hunting adventures since the release of Season 6 five months ago. But the query is, will there be a seventh season of Gold Rush: White Water? Read on for more information about the program.

Gold Rush: White Water is a reality show that premiered on Discovery Channel in January 2018. This spin-off series follows father-and-son placer gold panners Fred “Dakota” Hurt and Dustin “Dakota” Hurt as they venture back into the wilderness of Alaska’s Haines Borough to try their luck with a suction dredge in the region’s deep whitewater streams. Many people enjoy watching this show, and after six seasons’ worth of episodes, viewers are eagerly awaiting the seventh.

Gold Rush: White Water Season 7 Renewal Status

After five successful seasons, the sixth installment of Gold Rush: White Water has finally begun airing. The sixth season is airing now, therefore a seventh season seems unlikely for the time being. Good progress is being made on Gold Rush: White Water, and the show is widely expected to return for a seventh season.

Gold Rush: White Water Season 7 Release Date

On January 19, 2018, the first season became available to the public. Release date for the second season: December 28, 2018. On November 1, 2019, the third season premiered. On November 23, 2020, the debut of the fourth season aired. On November 5, 2021, the premiere episode of Season 5 aired. On November 8, 2022, Season 6 was made available to the public.

The show has been put on hold, as was said earlier. As a result, there is currently no confirmed premiere date for Gold Rush: White Waters Season 7. New episodes of the show, however, are not expected to premiere until at least the conclusion of 2023 or the beginning of 2024.

Gold Rush: White Water Cast

  • “Dakota” Fred Hurt – Gold miner, claim owner, gold cleaner, fabricator; diver with 15 years experience, dredge diver, dredge tender; Dustin Hurt’s father, one of “The Dakota Boys”. Died on July 11, 2023, at age 80 after being diagnosed with brain cancer four months earlier.-
  • Dustin Hurt – Gold miner, claim owner, carpenter; dredge diver, dredge tender, airboat operator; Fred Hurt’s son, one of “The Dakota Boys”.
  • Paul Richardson – Gold miner, dredge diver, dredge tender, fabricator; husband to Kayla Sheets, brother of Wes Richardson, one of “The Texans”.
  • Wes Richardson – Gold miner, fabricator, mechanic, gold cleaner; brother of Paul Richardson, one of “The Texans”.
  • Carlos Minor – Professional diver with 15 years of diving in the U.S. Marines and 13 years of oil platform diving experience in the Gulf of Mexico; dredge diver, dredge tender; season 1 representative of Todd Hoffman.
  • James Hamm – Washington State gold miner; 5 years experience working as a professional suction gold dredge diver in the Bering Sea offshore of Nome, Alaska; dredge diver, dredge tender, gold cleaner, hired by Dustin Hurt.
  • Kayla Johanson – Gold miner from North Carolina; 14 years total experience working as a suction gold dredge diver; dive team leader, dredge diver, dredge tender, gold cleaner, hired by Dustin Hurt to lead the 2nd dive team in season 5.
  • Justin Peterson – Gold miner from Wasilla, Alaska; 30 years experience working as a placer gold miner; construction worker, powerlifter; dredge diver, rookie dredge tender, fabricator, gold cleaner, hired by Kayla Johanson for her dive team in season 6.

Gold Rush: White Water Season 6 Face a lot of difficulties

Gold Rush: White Water’s popularity among fans was often demonstrated this year. As a follow-up to Discovery Channel’s original Gold Rush, the show proved to be a ratings success by offering viewers something new. In the main series, protagonists like Parker Schnabel and Tony Beets mine gold for a living and become very wealthy. Even though some miners, like Fred Lewis, consistently mess up, the best miners usually come out on top.

White Water, however, was unique. The miners were shown navigating dangerous rivers, and the show’s focus was never on the gold. It was also shown last season how difficult it may be for some miners to be parted from their families and left in the wilderness with only their crews, whereas on the main Gold Rush show, the miners drove in and out every night.

Many fans were upset with Discovery Channel this season. Midway through the season, the network abruptly pulled the plug on White Water. Even producer Tim Dalby was frustrated to have to break the news to the audience. Since the entire season has been cut in half and postponed by months, he must not have considered the ratings to be as good as he claimed they were.

Why renew a show for more seasons if Discovery Channel doesn’t want to keep it on the air for its full duration, even if it’s doing well in the ratings? The fan’s reaction highlighted their dedication to the cause. That doesn’t mean it’s safe to watch the show.

Gold Rush: White Water Season 6 Rating

The show’s high rating is proof that everyone enjoys watching it. Over the course of six seasons, the show has established its popularity and won numerous awards. Gold Rush: White Water, on the other hand, took home the trophy for Best Television Series at the ASCAP Film & Television Music Awards. There is currently a 6.6-star rating for this show on IMDb.

Is Gold Rush: White Water worth watching?

Gold Rush: White Water’s offerings are similar to those offered by other survival reality TV series, but it hasn’t stopped it from becoming a fan favorite. This is all because of the studio’s hard work and the show’s overall worth to the audience. Each season’s survival content is updated with a new objective to seek and complete. The show nevertheless manages to be entertaining despite its many problems.

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