Goku is on his birthday and Dragon Ball fans celebrate it big

The creator of Dragon Ball it is Akira Toiyama, and according to information confirmed in the franchise, the April 16th is celebrated on birthday from Goku. He is the protagonist of the shonen series and is also known as Kakarrot.

The Dragon Ball manga revealed that Goku was born in the year 736 of the seriesWhile his birth in anime is close to the year 737. As it is an important date, thousands of fans decided to share congratulatory messages on social networks.

Then, The Truth News He shares you some fan posts, fun facts about Goku and where the Dragon Ball story is currently. Warning! The following contains spoilers and trivia for the shonen series.

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How old is Goku in Dragon Ball Super?

At the beginning of the classic series, Goku was introduced as a boy around 11 years old and at the end as a young man of 18 years. In the sequel Dragon Ball Z begins at 23 years old and when the saga ends Buu is 44. In the current series Dragon Ball Super, Kakarot is a saiyan close to 40 years old, but appears to be much younger physically.

When will Dragon Ball Super 2 come out?

The world of Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro continues on its manga pages and fans can read the new chapters on Manga Plus. As of this writing, there is no confirmation yet for a second season of Dragon Ball Super. It is only known that the first season of Toei Animation He had 131 episodes.

There is no doubt that Goku and the Dragon Ball universe are still present among fans (new or old). Although the DBS anime is on indefinite hiatus, the story has already continued with new powers or enemies for the Z Warriors.

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