Gohan del Futuro returns to Dragon Ball Super with a Shintani-style fan art

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Two years have passed since the conclusion of Dragon Ball Super. The anime presented many new stories after having adapted those of the films with Beerus and Freeza, dedicating some episodes also to a narrative arc that brought us back Trunks of the Future. Of course, one of the characters who was absent was Gohan of that timeline.

Having died during the confrontation with the androids in Dragon Ball Z, which provoked the state of Super Saiyan of Trunks, Gohan of the Future therefore could not appear in Dragon Ball Super. However, the character is loved by many fans and therefore some have dedicated themselves to bringing it even in the latest anime with different fan art.

Aubrei Prince is one of the last in chronological order to do so, preparing an illustration with Gohan of the Future protagonist and where it is redesigned using the style of Naohiro Shintani, chief animator and character designer of Dragon Ball Super. At the bottom we can see the image with a Gohan seen in three quarters, smiling and with the showy scar on his face while the landscape behind him follows the tranquility gained after years of battles. What do you think of this version of the character?

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The history of the franchise is continuing with the Dragon Ball Super manga who put Gohan at the center of the fighting.

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