Broly returns to Dragon Ball Heroes with a devastating attack

Super Dragon Ball Heroes a new arc has started during the anime derived through the “Space-Time War Arc”. With Goku and Hearts having to band together to fight Freeza and Cooler’s sister team, things got a lot more intense during the last Episode 34; when Broly made his big comeback.

With the current anime arc in which Fuu creates a new universe using the power of the Universe Tree, the saga promises to bring back various heroes and villains from the past of the Shonen franchise who Akira Toriyama gave life.

The last time we saw Broly in Super Dragon Ball Heroes, he shocked audiences by showing off his new transformation into Limit Breaker Super Saiyan 4, which put him on a similar power level to not one, but two Vegitos.

Screenshot: YouTube Dragon Ball Hype

When fighting Super Saiyan Blue Vegito, Broly was dragged into the new universe of fuu and was absent when Goku teamed up with Hearts to take on King Cold’s alien sons. In this latest episode 34, Broly made his big comeback, easily dispatching the enemies around him.

However, the anime Super Dragon Ball Heroes later showed Broly a new opponent as the mysterious “man in black”, who was able to keep up with the legendary Super Saiyan. The Truth News He shares the episode with you below:

Will Broly return to Dragon Ball Super?

As Dragon Ball fans know, a new version of Broly was introduced through the latest feature film of the serie Dragon Ball Superas fans witnessed the return of this villain who could now easily take on Goku and Vegeta with his divine energy levels.

Fortunately for the Z Fighters, this version of the Legendary Super Saiyan It was much less evil than its predecessor, as Freeza and his father were targeting Broly at Goku and Vegeta. With the current Broly still alive and well on the alien planet he calls home, fans are waiting to see if the former villain will make his big return in the main series.

While there are many heroes and villains being brought back for the Space-Time War, it will definitely be interesting to see if we see a fight between the old Broly and the new incarnation in the serie shonen Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

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