‘Godzilla vs. Kong ‘is an overwhelming show full of light, color and the personality of Adam Wingard

Neon lights. DJ jokes. Musicote. In the end it was hard, but Adam Wingard is going to leave all those who doubted his authorship without arguments. ‘Godzilla vs. Kong ‘is an overwhelming blockbuster with all the necessary ingredients to be a success and, perhaps, the best possible movie within this chaotic monstrous universe.

Journey to the center of adventure

Although it may seem like a million years ago, Gareth Edwards’ magnificent ‘Godzilla’ is only seven years old. After her would come the remarkable adventure of Kong alone and then the war of all the monsters that Michael Dougherty did not know (or could not) bring to fruition. Fortunately for everyone, and especially for fans of Adam Wingard’s good work, his bet on the show Box office buster is an exercise in style not far from what one would expect in a blockbuster by the director of ‘The Guest’.

Godzilla in film and television: 65 years reigning in the empire of the monsters

Something that Wingard knows well is that the flesh and blood characters here do not matter and that is the feeling his film conveys, perhaps the first in which the focus is almost always on creatures rather than human characters. Of course, to achieve something like that you need the visual effects to be squeezed to the maximum, and ‘Godzilla vs. Kong ‘has stunning production design of which it shows from the first minute. Wingard decides that pop music and healthy humor star in the first minutes of the film.

Godzilla Vs Kong critica

The presentation of Kong, the true protagonist (and king?) Of the function, could well be that of one of those cops with psychological problems of the 80-90s, and it only loses a bit of steam when linking with the previous films and events , causing some amazement through more predictable dialogues than those of ‘The awakening of the force’. Fortunately for lovers of adventure with a retro flavor, comedy works better than ever and Brian Tyree Henry makes an ideal mix with the young protagonists, much more relaxed and away from blushing intensities than in the previous titles. Alexander Skarsgård also does not need many minutes to conquer through his naive Nathan Lind.

Fight for your right

Engaged in work, ‘Godzilla vs. Kong ‘is an exemplary escape diversion. The story decides to fight the Titans through a delusional exercise of sci-fi and fights at dawn unparalleled. The intention not to deepen or develop the humans in the story is seen from the first minute of the film: the character who could be the most demanding of the role is mute. Excellent play and An entire declaration of principles. And also now the duel between the creatures is so suggestive that it affects the narrative interest of the story. It is not a movie about bugs that give each other hosts: it is a movie about bugs that have to give each other hosts.

But the best one can say about the film is that we are facing an author’s work. Wingard’s performance is impressive. The director takes on the grandeur, eccentricity and madness of each fight that he puts into images while bringing his ideas and tics, his style, to the battlefield. Making the Titans’ movements even bigger with astonishing camera angles and movements, it shows absolutely everything with exemplary fluidity that its competitors should learn from.

Godzilla Vs Kong niña

Whether it’s a fight underwater or through Hong Kong buildings that look like a giant disco, the viewer will not be able to take their eyes off the screen for, attention, almost two hours. Because Wingard’s film, in another spectacular maneuver, does not arrive after two hours. It is quite far, in fact, if we dispense with the credits. The battles do not stop, they begin and end, while Wingard bets everything on the great show.

Now that Warner seems to be more lost than ever and after some very unsatisfactory moves in his zone destined to the success of the season, they can afford to breastfeed with ‘Godzilla vs. Kong ‘, because in a time when it is not easy to go to the movies (if you have that possibility) they have offered the world a show of light and color, of emotion and beauty, at the height of the ritual of the big screen. An extraordinary film, as great as its two protagonists.

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