Gears of War 3 Gameplay Revealed for 2011 PS3

A few days ago we were able to enjoy a video that showed us what a Prince of Persia would have been like, which, however, never saw the light (although it later ended up leading to an Assassin’s Creed). And today comes another similar episode. In this case, with a video that confirms something that was already discussed at the time: that Epic Games was close to launching gears of war 3 on PS3.

In fact, Cliff Bleszinski has already commented in the past that it had been a contemplated possibility. Only later it did not occur due to the excellent deal that the company had with Microsoft. Now the video has been uploaded to the Internet. And it would be gameplay of the game through a Sony console development kit. You can see it below.

As echoed from the ResetEra forums, the user who uploaded the video on YouTube has been Proto. And in the video description, it says the following: “This is an Epic version of Gears of War 3 for PS3. This version is dated May 19, 2011, and it is the only version of this that has ever been found. As far as I know, I am also the only person with a functional compilation of this particular data. I don’t know why it exists, I don’t know why it was made. “.

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Indeed, right now it is difficult to know why this was done unless there really have been contacts to bring the game to PS3. What is clear is that you only have to watch the video, which is over 8 hours long, to realize that it is a unique material. Obviously, with a version with multiple flaws. But real.

As for the game itself, you will like to know that, in its day, Cliff Bleszinski confirmed that it was his favorite Gears of War. Remember that the title is not only available on Xbox 360 (being backward compatible with Xbox One), but it is also one of those games that you can enjoy through the Xbox Game Pass subscription service. And if you have an Xbox One X, you can play with high-caliber technical improvements.


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